5 Ways To Prevent Heart Attacks Or Strokes

Heart Attacks

A growing number of people in countries across the world are susceptible to heart attacks or strokes these days. A heart attack is triggered when the blood supply to the heart gets obstructed owing to the condition known as atherosclerosis.

In this condition, substances such as cholesterol get accumulated in the artery walls and this prevents smooth flow of blood. A heart attack usually occurs when the cholesterol entirely blocks off the artery, completely restricting the blood flow.

Fortunately, there are a number of preventive measures that can be taken to fend off the possibility of heart attacks or strokes. Making some lifestyle changes is the first and foremost step that needs to be implemented if you are actually serious about preventing a heart attack. Read on to get an idea about some of the basic measures that should be undertaken to ward off the chance of a heart attack or stroke.

5 Ways To Prevent Heart Attacks Or Strokes

Maintain a Balanced Fat-free Diet

One of the most important factors in countering cardiovascular ailments is maintaining a proper diet, rich in all the essential nutrients. While you should add plenty of vegetables and fruits to your diet, lessen the consumption of fat-rich foods as much as possible. Keep unsaturated fats which are found in butter, beef and other kinds of meat away from your diet.

Balanced Fat-free Diet

Exercise Daily

The benefits of indulging in light aerobic exercising on a regular basis are countless. However, if your hectic work schedule doesn’t allow you to exercise everyday, make it a point to workout at least three to four times every week. Regular exercising not only helps you to balance your body weight but it also plays a key role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise Daily

Monitor Your Blood Pressure

To keep cardiovascular ailments at bay, make sure that you monitor your blood pressure on a frequent basis. Consult your physician and get the blood pressure checked regularly. As high blood pressure puts a strain on the heart and the blood vessels, it is important to get this condition treated right away. If required, seek advice from a cardiologist.

Monitor Your Blood Pressure

Quit Smoking and Alcohol Intake

In a bid to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the chance of a heart attack, quitting habits such as smoking and alcohol intake is of critical importance. The nicotine in cigarettes makes the blood vessels narrow which inhibit blood circulation in them. Excessive alcohol intake is also a vital factor which often leads to a number of cardiovascular conditions including heart attacks and strokes.

Quit Smoking

Reduce Stress

Heart ailments are often the outcome of extreme stress and anxiety. Chronic stress can result in a cardiovascular condition as the blood vessels become narrow and this increases the blood pressure and makes the heart work more strenuously.

Listening Music

Beat stress by taking some time out for yourself in the entire day and do something that you really love. Whether it is reading, listening to music or just sitting quietly for a while, find out what your stress buster is and indulge yourself for a few minutes every day. You would be amazed by the sense of well being that this gives you.

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