Effective Natural Cures For Astigmatism

AstigmatismAstigmatism is the lack of symmetry in the curvature of the cornea or rarely in the lens of the eye. The unequal curvatures spread light rays, preventing them from being sharply focused at a point on the retina, causing blurring effect to the image.

It has become a very common form of optical disorder and hence new eye care inventions have come up to help people affected with this condition. Astigmatism can be hereditary. Some people have it from their birth while other people get it in their later lives. Sometimes, the symptoms are aggravated by cataract or cornea surgery. There is no sure-fire curing method for this disease as no exact cause has been known about the disease. This article is just a small way of helping people to treat and live with the ailment.

Best Natural Cures For Astigmatism

Consume Sulfur Rich Food

Food items rich in sulfur can increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium, which is essential to keep bones strong. Examples include onion, egg, garlic, etc. are the best source of sulfur.

Sulfur Rich Food

Whole grains, fish, dark-green leafy vegetables, pineapple, olive oil, fresh fruits, and canola oil are also helpful. Dairy products, bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, red meat, and other nightshade vegetables should be avoided as they can make your lupus indications worse.

Use Herb

Herbs like milk thistle, flaxseed oil, yucca, alfalfa, red clover, licorice root, Pau d’arco, and cat’s claw can lessen the symptoms of lupus.

licorice root

These herbs help to detoxify our body. Licorice root should be avoided if you have a problem like high blood pressure as this herb can increase blood pressure.

Take A Rest

Taking rest can be helpful since lupus causes fatigue during a flare up. Eight to ten hours of sleep at night with several naps during the daytime ensures a proper care for lupus sufferers. So it suggested taking a sufficient amount of sleep if you are having a problem like astigmatism.

Lavender And Chamomile

Lavender oil
Aromatic essential oil of lavender or chamomile can help to unwind the problems related with astigmatism. It is suggested not to take the stress as it can worsen the condition of astigmatism. Avoid stress and take an adequate amount of sleep.

Look To A Distant Location

While working on a computer, make sure that your eyes get a sufficient rest. Look to a distant location in every 20 minutes and blink your eyes several times. Let the procedure on for about 5-7 minutes. You must read at a place where plenty of light is available. During headache or pupil strain, 10 -15 minute break is a must need.

Use Contact Lenses

Use Contact Lenses
A proper use of corrective contact lenses is must. Following instructions of an optometrist with regular cleaning is definitely necessary. Do not overuse lenses. Use of lenses can reduce the astigmatism problem in a very effective manner.

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Egg Yolks

Carotenoid rich organic eggs are also recommended for curing astigmatism. Eating soft egg yolks are better as it preserves the heat-sensitive antioxidant. Best eggs are soft boiled, poached with sunny-side up. Raw eggs can also be consumed as they are really a reliable natural source for curing astigmatism.

Egg yolks

It is suggested to wash the eggs before cracking to remove the dust present in the outer surface. Salmonella enters the egg from outside and hence washing the eggs with warm sudsy water can minimize exposure. Egg yolks are the best natural remedy for the astigmatism cure.

Drink Water

Drinking pure filtered water, at least half of your body weight in ounces, throughout the day can flush out the accrued debris in your eye drainage channels.

drink water

Appropriate hydration ensures the elasticity of the eye lenses. You can also include fresh raw green juices in your diet plan to cure astigmatism.

The above-mentioned remedies are natural and can give you a positive effect in curing astigmatism. If you are having a problem with astigmatism, then must try the above mentioned natural treatments to get quick relief. Astigmatism is not a big problem if diagnosed in its early stage, but its latter stage can put you in big trouble. So it is always recommended to diagnose the disease in its early stage and cure it through natural treatment.

Natural treatments are the best options available to cure astigmatism as it is affordable to everyone and doesn’t include any side-effects. If you are thinking of using natural treatments for astigmatism, then you do not need to visit your local doctor and get a prescription from him or her to get relief from astigmatism.

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