5 Ways To Cure Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning

At some point in every person’s life they are likely to have suffered from some form of food poisoning. Sometimes food poisoning can be cured in a day or two and sometimes it can be very acute and serious. Food poisoning can be caused due to a number of things that is it can be caused due to some allergic reactions from a particular food, or may be due to undercooked food containing some kind of bacteria may also be the cause for acute food poisoning. When a person suffers from food poisoning he often gets confused as about the steps that should be taken in order to cure it as a result this unwanted wait often leads to unwanted sufferings. Apart from proper medication there are also certain effective natural home remedies which can cure food poisoning completely.

5 Ways To Cures For Food Poisoning

Take Lot Of Water Or Fluids To Keep Yourself Hydrated

During food poisoning a lot of water goes out of the body which can often cause dehydration so it is important to drink plenty of water fluids to keep hydrated all the time. You can sip small amount of water at regular intervals or you can also drink water with electrolytes which helps to flush the system and replenishes what has been lost.

Drink Plenty of Fluid

You can also drink glucose water as that can keep you hydrated as well as can give you certain amount of strength in your body as well. Those who have the habit of drinking tea they can also have small cups of tea in order to recover the lost fluid.

Sleep Well And Take Plenty Of Rest

One of the most effective remedy to cure food poisoning is to sleep well and give plenty of rest to your body. Sleep will help your body to work out the problems with all of its energy and will help you to recover faster.

Take Plenty Of Rest

While good rest helps to fight against all of the internal problems. Avoid going out for work or doing any physical activities during this time as your body is weak and any physical exertion might aggravate the illness more.

Take Some Form Of Charcoal

One of the most effective ways to cure food poisoning is to take some form of charcoal. Charcoal is a natural remedy intake of which neutralizes the poisons inside the body to twice its own weight. So a piece of burnt toast can be very effective to settle your stomach and cure the illness completely.


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Eat Bananas To Cure Food Poisoning

Bananas are very effective to cure food poisoning as the bananas help to make the stool harder also bananas can go a long way in replacing the body with the potassium that has been taken out from the system during food poisoning. So take bananas every morning during food poisoning is very effective.

Eat Bananas

Eat Well Cleaned And Properly Cooked Light Food

The best and the most effective remedy for food poisoning is to eat well cleaning and properly cooked food. Make sure that you clean the food items properly before you cook. Do not eat uncooked or semi cooked food as it would be difficult for you to digest and would aggravate you infection more.

Avoid spicy food

Avoid spicy food and mostly eat light cooked health food which is easy to digest and also gives strength to your body. If follow these effective methods and lead a hygienic and a healthy life then you can not only cure food poisoning easily but you can also easily prevent it as well.

5 Ways To Cure Food Poisoning

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