7 Natural Methods To Lose Belly Fat

Natural Methods To Lose Belly Fat

Most human beings dread looking into the mirror. There is cellulite here, there is flab there! The most concentration of fat however would be found in your jiggling belly! Let’s face it, belly fat is a universal problem. It’s not just the cosmetic factor that you need to consider here, but also the health risks associated with a bulging tummy that is more of a solid reason to remove them effectively. Youngsters today are driven by an urge to look and feel good, thanks to an increasing pressure on them due to peers and also a changing world scenario where looking good and being fit are equally important to move on and prove your mettle, be it in the personal front or career wise.

Belly fat causes a lot of insecurity, especially in young women who are yet to be married. Junk food, inactivity, stress and hormone problems can cause fat to get deposited in the belly. Pregnancy is another cause for gaining belly fat. The only way to get rid of belly fat effectively is to be active as much as you can. When you refuse to do nothing about your emerging tyres, you are putting yourself in the front line to be shot dead by diseases! When you count the disadvantages like heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure and what not, it makes sense to start an effective regime to pull your waist back to its proper place.

Natural Methods To Lose Belly Fat

1. Healthy, Low Fat Diet

There are of course short cuts to removing belly fat like going under the knife and suffering excruciating pain in the process. But who knows whether you will emerge with a sculpted body or a scarred body with innumerable side effects and risks. The only way to remove belly fat without risk is to plan a low fat diet that will naturally push your belly back in place. Fruits, green leafy vegetables and proteins that contain low fat should be what you must consider while looking at your belly fat in the mirror.

2. Cardiovascular Exercises

Don’t be fooled by the belief that a low fat diet is all you need in order to remove those jiggles. A lot of sweating out is essential to keep them well under check. Burning calories while exercising will effectively remove the tyres that are stored around your waist. By exercise you need not be put off thinking about the whole episode of rigorous training sessions that would leave you panting for breath.

A simple walking for about an hour can help you earn those tight abs with ease. Cardiovascular exercises like jogging and walking are proven ways by which one can burn huge amounts of calories. There’s no need to find extra time or take extra effort for walking. Walk to work or to the mall or wherever you can.

3. Abdominal Exercises

For getting flat abs that you have been dreaming quite often, you also need to remove the belly fat that is already there along with trying to prevent more fat from getting accumulated. For this, stomach crunches or abdominal crunches are a great option. Start with 5-10 crunches a day and increase it every day till you reach the maximum you can withstand. Along with stomach crunches, add other abdominal exercises like leg lowering and exercises that are done by lying oblique on the floor.

4. An Increased Metabolism

People with high fat deposit on their bodies have a naturally low metabolic rate which again is a great cause for concern. In order to burn fat adequately, you need to also device ways by which the metabolic rate can be improved. You are already on the right track by planning an exercise regime and moving on to a low fat diet which itself will improve your metabolic rate. Along with that, you can programme your meals in such a way that they are smaller meals broken into 5 or 6 parts rather than going for three solid meals a day.

5. Reduce Sugar

A great percentage of people who have belly fat have an unnatural craving for all things sugary. Sugar is the perfect recipe for attaining belly fat. Along with sugar, other things like beer too can cause fat accumulation in the belly. While consumption of sugar and fatty foods were ok during olden times when people were hard working as they were eating, in today’s world where men and women do not want to get up from their seats until night falls in, it is extremely dangerous and not advisable.

6. Avoid Eating Late

Eating late is not a good practice anyway. It leads to heart burn, indigestion and disturbances in sleep as a result of gas. If you are obese and are trying to remove belly fat, eating late is an absolute no-no. Late eating leads to a slow metabolic rate which again helps in building up fat in your body. As a rule, avoid eating anything before you go to sleep. Your dinner must be scheduled at least 3 hours before you sleep. This will prevent any sort of trouble during sleep and also remove the development of belly fat due to slow metabolism.

7. Sleeping Well

There is a long connection between sleeping well and accumulation of fat in the stomach. Deprivation of sleep leads to stress and release of stress hormones called cortisol. Cortisol is the naughty little hormone that results in belly fat in many people. Thus, in order to stay healthy and svelte, sleep patterns too are important.  Look for relaxed surroundings and pursuits to instigate good sleep and make sure that there are no external stimulants and disturbances that can tamper your sleep. Keeping away stress from your life is as important due to the same reason. A stress free life ensures that you have a healthy mind and body that is free from belly fat and diseases.

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