5 Effective Exercise Tips To Lose Belly Fat

exercise to lose belly fatBelly fat is one of the most stubborn fats which generally give nightmares to people as they begin to age. While most of the people tend to worry about the subcutaneous fat, which can be easily seen under the skin, but it is the visceral fat – the fat which gets stored in and around vital organs in the body which is harmful for your health, looks and self esteem.

If your waist (circumference of your body, just above your hipbone) measures more than 35 inches (and more than 40 inches for men) then it is a clear cut signal that you need to lose weight. Here are few exercise tips, which can help you cut fight both – subcutaneous and visceral fats.

Exercise Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Vigorous Aerobic Exercises

Vigorous aerobic exercises done for 30 minutes for 4 times a week can help you lose both types of fats and trim belly fat effectively.  Examples include, jogging, brisk walking on an incline or treadmill, cycling on stationary bike, etc.

Aerobic Exercises

The idea is to workout vigorously for at least 30 minutes. If continued, over a period of time then vigorous exercises can help you lose visceral fat and also helps in slowing down the visceral fat build up in the body.

Moderate Levels of Cardios

If you find it hard to do vigorous aerobic exercises then you can switch to moderate levels of cardios also. Make it a point to exercise for 30 minutes per day at least three times a week. This will also slow down your rate of visceral fat but for losing the fat you need to team it up with some other exercises forms, as mentioned below.

Strength Training

Once you establish a routine of cardios or aerobic exercises, try to add strength training in your exercise regimen, 4 days a week on alternate days, irrespective of moderate or vigorous levels. Building muscle tone helps in slowing the production of belly fat.

Strength Training

In a study conducted in University of Minnesota, scientists found that fat women who did strength training two times a week, which included 8-10 exercises, addressing all major muscle groups, gained 67% less visceral fat than women who did not do strength training regularly over the period of two years.

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Breathing Exercises

While breathing exercises, may not help you lose belly fat directly, but they are certainly very helpful in their own indirect ways. Experts believe that stress is a major cause of belly fat.

Breathing Exercises

When we are stressed, our bodies secrete more of insulin and cortisol. Cortisol leads to water retention and excess amount of insulin leads to fat deposits. Breathing exercises help you destress and boost up your metabolism. Do breathing exercises like Pranayam, daily for 10 minutes.


Stretches, may again not help you lose belly fat directly, but there indirect benefits are numerous and worth mentioning. Stretching helps in increasing flexibility, reducing stress and in increasing range of motion in joints, while exercising.

Stretching exercise

Though there is no firm evidence but it is also believed that stretching helps in reducing exercise related injury. Stretching for 10 minutes before your daily exercise can help you workout to the optimum level.

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