How To Lose Belly Fat With Yoga

PoorvottanasanaBelly fat is an issue that we all face at least once in our lifetime. The usual causes behind belly fat are consumption of unhealthy food, lack of enough physical activity, water retention and post pregnancy phase.

Fats accumulated in the abdominal region of the body is extremely difficult to get rid of. Usual change and switch to healthy diet and low fat foods is not enough. You have to literally throw it out of your body through exercise. There are some wonderful yoga poses that can help you kick the fats out and attain a flat stomach.

Lose Belly Fat With Yoga


Nauka means boat and this posture imitates the boat, therefore called Naukasana. Lie flat on your back. Hands to your side. Now start lifting your legs in the air along with the upper body.


Simultaneously lift your arms in such a way that they point towards the toes. Hold for a few seconds and relax. Repeat this posture as many times as you can manage. This postures strengthens the abdominal muscles when your legs are propped in the air.


Sit up with legs stretched in front of you. Place the palms flat on your sides pointing away from you. Keep the feet together. Now support the body weight on the palms and lift the upper body in such a way that on the lower end your weight is supported by the back portion of the feet. Keep the body straight. This asana will put pressure on the abdomen and stretch the entire body.


Stand straight with the feet slightly apart. Now raise your hands over the head and clutch them together in a way that your upper arms are touching your ears. Now bend towards right side as you feel the stretch on your sides.


Hold for a few seconds. Slowly come back to the standing position with hands still help together. Now repeat the same bend in the left side. Do this asana at least 10 times. It burns the belly fats and also provide a curve to your waist.

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Prasarita Padahastasana

This is a comparatively difficult asana. Stand straight with your feet placed around 3 feet apart. Stretch your arms over your hand and clutch the fingers. Now bend forward from the hip joint keeping the back straight. Place the palms flat on the floor. Stretch a bit more and bring your head down to touch the floor between your palms. Increase the distance between the feet so that you are comfortably stable. Now hold your ankle with your hands in such a way that feet and head takes the weight of the upper and lower body. Hold and slowly get back to original position.


This asana helps you stretch like a cat and tones abdominal muscles. Support yourself on your four- palms and knees. Knees slightly apart. Now inhale, raise your chin while throwing your head backwards.

Bring your stomach little downward so it is arched automatically raising your tailbone. Hold for a few seconds. Now do a counter pose by bringing your chin down along with the head in such a way that your head points towards the floor while making an outer arch of the stomach such that the spine turns like an inverted “u”. Hold for some seconds. Repeat 9-10 times.

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