How To Treat Stress With Yoga

How To Treat Stress With YogaWith the increasing development in technology and rapid advancements in science, busy and hectic lifestyles have now become a part of our everyday life. Stress, anxiety and depression affects every one of us once in a while and often become a part of our life. What we often tend to ignore is that however petty and small these conditions may seem, it can cause many grave disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular ailments.

Instead of popping anti depressants and other medications, it is better to stick to a healthy lifestyle and choose from natural and herbal remedies for stress. One of the best ways to treat stress is by practicing yoga. Yoga has been used as an effective treatment for many mental and nervous disorders since ages, and you too can use it to your benefit. Here’s how…

Yoga for Stress Control

When a body or an individual is under stress, the brain stimulates the secretion of certain hormones, including epinephrine, adrenaline and neo epinephrine, all of which modify the body to better tackle the situation.

The physical effect of the secretion of these hormones is increased heartbeat, increased respiratory function and others. This may actually help the body deal better with the situation, but if continued over a long period of time, it can cause many chronic illnesses and aggravate many existing conditions.

Benefits of Yoga Exercises

Yoga Exercises

When a person practices yoga especially breathing exercises, he/she receives an abundant supply of oxygen to the brain, which purifies the blood and reduces the concentration of the adrenaline and epinephrine in the blood, which finally restores health and reduces the elevated levels of respiration and heartbeats. Yoga also helps relax the nerve endings, thus making you more relaxed and calm.

Tips to Practice Yoga

Though yoga may seem easy, it is important to be under the supervision of a qualified instructor, especially if you are about to practice some asana. Since the asana involve a lot of muscle stretching and pulling, a proper guide is needed for you to know when to stop and slow down.

Pregnant women and elderly people should be even more cautious while practicing asana. It is better to take consent from your doctor before starting this therapy.

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Yoga Instead of Medications

Instead of using anti depressant medications to treat stress and depression, using yoga can be more beneficial to the individual.

Yoga Instead of Medications

This is because most medications have certain side effects that may cause damage to the individual in the long run. Yoga not only ensures that you remain stress-free, but also keeps you more flexible and energetic.

Health Benefits of Yoga

The yoga breathing exercises are wonderful in alleviating depression, anxiety and stress, and they are also known to cure man sleep disorders. This allows an abundant supply of oxygen to enter the body, which keeps the body healthy and prevents the occurrence of many diseases.

Practicing yoga also brings about a positive outlook on life which can be extremely beneficial for patients suffering from chronic stress and depression.

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