Top 5 Home Remedies For Breast Lifting


Beauty, attractiveness and figure are the prerogatives of women and to look attractive, beautiful and appealing is their natural tendency and it is ingrained in their minds since childhood. Therefore, for all women looks, figure and proper body image matter a lot and they want to remain as such for long.

In other words, they want to delay or avert aging and for this they often remain alert to face any challenge or threat and sometimes are ready to adopt some risky methods and procedures as well. Aging being a natural process affects body, beauty and looks and breasts are no exception to it.

Aging women often feel nervous and dejected due to their constantly sagging and drooping breasts and start searching for some alternatives and their desperateness reaches to such heights that they feel comfortable even for very high risk endeavors such as breasts lifting surgeries. However, there are many affordable natural methods and remedies as mentioned below, which can be adopted to regain the natural elasticity, strength and contours of your breasts.

Why Breasts Droop And Sag?

Pregnancy, breast feeding, aging, and hormonal changes are natural processes. During pregnancy, lactating and breastfeeding period hormonal changes alter  breasts biochemistry and their physical appearance and contours so no woman can ever escape from these natural biological processes. Multiple pregnancies, breastfeeding or aging or due to unusual hormonal changes breasts sag and droop. Aging reduces the elasticity, not only of your skin but also that of your pectoral muscles that support your breasts. No matter whatever may be the reason for your sagging breasts, the following methods if considered seriously, would give very satisfying results.

Home Remedies For Saggy Breasts

1. Exercise

If you are facing the problem of saggy breasts and if it is giving you nightmares, then do not forget to incorporate exercises that are especially designed to target your breast muscles and skin. Therefore, perform light weight exercises by lifting weights up to shoulder height on an exercise bench. The other exercises of similar kind include normal pushups and pushups by bending your knees.

Perform them three to four times in a week, and then gradually increase their frequency. After a few months the positive results will surely improve your confidence levels and definitely prove handy. Arm circles are very natural technique to include in your routine exercise plan. A few repetitions of arm circles like three to four sets of 10 to 15 arm circles can make your skin and the pectoral muscles holding your breasts very strong. Therefore, do not forget to include them as well. The above mentioned Exercises tone up the pectoral muscles underneath the breast and make your breast firm and fuller.


2. Breast Massage

If your worry about your sagging and drooping breasts is taking a toll on your health, then without blinking your eyes, you must incorporate breast massage as a routine in your breasts’ health plan. When you include even this as a single health plan for your breasts, then you will definitely win half the battle pertaining to your saggy and droopy breasts.

Many scientific research studies have revealed the importance of massage in improving the health and condition of breasts as it improves blood circulation, improves the condition of blood capillaries, maintains hormonal balance, and more importantly, improves the production of prolactin hormone, which along with estrogen and progesterone helps in maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the breasts. Breast massage can be performed on yourself or with your partner; both ways it is effective and act as a perfect remedy for your sagging and drooping breasts.

Breast Massage

3. Bra

Remember! Elasticity of your skin and muscles supporting your breasts is very important. Therefore, a perfect bra with necessary elasticity and support is very essential for your breasts. Next time when you shop, remember to invest your precious time for searching a very good bra, the one with apt size, perfect elasticity and stretchability. Whenever necessary avoid highly elastic, loose and stretchable bra. Therefore, a perfect sporty and supportive bra may help support your breast properly and thus helps in maintaining the elasticity of your breasts’ skin and pectoral muscles.


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4. Drink Water

Water is a miraculous drink with enormous benefits for your entire body. Make it a habit of drinking pure water to hydrate your skin, particularly your breast’s skin that needs it the most to regain the elasticity and strength that is needed to bear the weight of your breasts.

Drink Water

5. Avoid Frequent Sun Exposure

Frequent sun exposure sometimes tends to be unhealthy for your breast if they get direct exposure without any sunscreens. Even though sunlight is very essential for vitamin D synthesis, yet it shows its side effects when the exposure to sunlight is prolonged or continued to such an extent that tends to be detrimental for your body. When your skin gets exposed to sunlight it dehydrates and eventually loses elasticity. Similarly, your breast skin also loses its elasticity and breasts tend to droop and sag. These are the very effective, research-oriented and best of the lot home remedies for saggy breasts.

Avoid Frequent Sun Exposure

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
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