5 Vitamin D Rich Foods For Vegetarians

5 Vitamin D Rich Foods For Vegetarians

Most of the people know that Sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D. When our body is exposed to UV rays of sun, a fat-soluble mineral is formed in the skin which is called as Vitamin D. It is helpful in various functionalities of the body such as maintenance of muscles, bones, teeth, immune system, neurons growth and functioning etc. Lack of Vitamin D can lead to seasonal depression, weaker immune system, weak bones, Cancer, skin issues like psoriasis etc. It is not feasible to go out in sunlight for taking Vitamin D on daily basis. That’s why we need some other sources from where Vitamin D can be consumed. Various non-vegetarian items are present in market to get Vitamin D and it is hard for vegetarians to get enough of the sources. So, here is a list of some of the Vitamin D rich foods suitable of Vegetarians.

1. Milk:

When we talk about milk, it comes in many varieties like skimmed milk, raw milk, soya milk, whole milk etc. Depending upon the type of milk intake, nutrition value of Vitamin D varies. Skimming of milk removes the quotient of Vitamin D from it but now-a-days, for better options, Skimmed milk is also fortified with Vitamin D. For instance, if we consume one cup whole milk, it provides 21% of the Vitamin D needed for a day.[1] Similarly, if we take one cup of raw milk, it will complete 24% of the daily need for Vitamin D. Soya milk on the other hand is extracted from the grinding of soaked dry soya beans with water but contains as much amount of protein as regular cow’s milk. It is enriched with Vitamin C, D and iron.

2. Ricotta Cheese:

Vitamin D is also present in normal cheese obtained from dairy but Ricotta cheese stands out from others because it contains five time more Vitamin D than others. Ricotta cheese is obtained from the milk of cow, sheep, goat or Italian water buffalos. It is a high source of Vitamin D among other dairy milk products.[2]

Ricotta Cheese

3. Orange:

Orange can be consumed as it is or by orange juice. Whatever the medium may be, orange is high in Vitamin D and a glass of orange juice contains 100 IU vitamin D. Even packaged orange juice contains a good amount of Vitamin D.[3] Consider looking for nutritional value on the crimp of packaged orange juice. Orange juice is recommended to be consumed in breakfast to start your day with the consumption of vitamin D.

4. Vanilla Yogurt:

Another dairy product which attracts every vegetarian is yogurt. It is not only tasty but also a great source of vitamin D. A bowl full of vanilla yogurt completes 20% of the daily need for Vitamin D. You can also opt for the packaged yogurt from dairy or grocery stores. Please refer to the nutritional value section of the product before purchasing it.[4]

Vanilla Yogurt

5. Mushrooms:

Mushrooms absorb sunlight and are only plant species to have Vitamin D in them. They also contain vitamin B and copper. One cup of white button mushrooms contain 734 IU of vitamin D. Similarly, one cup of portabella mushrooms contains 977 IU of vitamin D and Crimini mushrooms contain 919 IU of vitamin D in one cup. You can also increase the amount of vitamin D in mushrooms by exposing the chopped mushrooms in direct sunlight before cooking.[5]


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