7 Exercises Using A Resistance Band To Sculpt Your Body

Exercises Using A Resistance Band To Sculpt Your Body

To get into the most desirable shape you not only need to burn off the calories, you need to sculpt those muscles as well. Sculpting not only shapes up the muscles but also helps to burn excess fat. And all you need is a resistance band and some space. Check out some really easy exercises.

1. Reverse Lunge (Legs and butt)

Stand with one foot in front of the other (about 2-3 feet apart). The heel of the back foot should not touch the floor. Placing the band under the front foot, hold the ends in each hand right at the shoulder level. Lowering your hips bend the knees till the front thigh comes parallel to the floor (without leaning forward). Raise the torso by straightening your legs. Keep your abs tucked in tight while you do so. Pause for a moment and the lower your torso. This is one rep. Alternate the legs for each new rep.

Reverse Lunge (Legs and butt)

2. Kneeling Push Up (Arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs)

Begin by running the band across your upper back and holding the ends in each hand. Lie down in push position with hands by the shoulder. While keeping the knees touched to the ground, raise the torso by straightening the arms. Contract your abs while doing so. Pause for a moment and then lower the torso almost touching the floor. This is one rep.

3. Arm Curl (Biceps)

Begin by the band placed under your feet and keeping them apart about the width of your hips. Hold the ends in each hand with arms in normal lowered position. Now while keeping the upper arms stillbend the elbows and curl up the hands to the shoulders and then lower them back. This is one repetition. Do 2 sets of 30 reps each. Rest for 30 seconds between each set.

4. Wood Chop (Legs, butt, abs, shoulder)

Tie or hold the band at a spot (about a foot off from floor level) where it will not come off. Stand lateral (sideways) to this spot with feet kept apart slightly wider than the hips. Hold the free end of the band with your both hands to your side. Lowering the hips, bend your knees until the thighs are parallel to the floor. While you do so, your knees must be behind the toes. Now stand gradually while twisting your torso and pulling the arms diagonally up to the opposite direction. Pause for a moment and then return to the starting position. That’s one rep. Switch sides for each new rep.

5. One Leg Row (Shoulders, back, legs)

Begin by looping the band around left foot with the ends held in the right hand. Balance yourself on the right and lift the looped foot (left) about a foot in the forward direction. The right arm should be extended to bring the hand by the left thigh.Pull the band’s ends to the right shoulder and pause. Then lower your body. This is one rep. Switch sides for every new rep.

One Leg Row (Shoulders, back, legs)

6. Kick Back (Shoulders, triceps)

Begin by placing the band under your feet that are few inches apart. Hold the ends in each hand. Bend forward as much keep the back nearly parallel to the floor. Bend the arms at 90 degrees. Now straighten your arms and bring them near the hips. Keep the abs tight while you do so.

Kick Back

7. Bicycle (Back, abs)

Begin with tying the band around your feet. Lying face up bend the legs at 90 degrees. Lift the shoulders and twist the torso together. While you do so make a cycling motion with your legs. Feet must be kept flexed to keep the band from slipping. Pause and twist in opposite direction and switch the legs. Do 20 -30 reps.

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