Top Four Belly Fat Exercises

Belly Fat ExercisesBelly flab is one of the hardest fat deposits to burn and requires exercises that especially target the abs area. Getting the cuts and flat abs you see on your favorite celebrities is not as hard as you think! A few simple exercises aimed especially at the midriff and abdominal area burn flab to help you get that perfect body. Whether you are a homemaker, working professional, student or a retired individual, these exercises can be performed in the span of a few minutes right in the comfort of your home or during recess in University or at office.

Those hard pressed for time can still add exercises like the Plank, Boat and such others into their daily routine for a fat- free midriff. Work on your flab with a few of these simple yet effective exercises for a tight, toned torso! For those who are unsure of how to get flat abs, a list of the most effective, fat burning exercises follow, that cut the flab and shape the abs in the abdominal regions. Incorporate these belly exercises in your daily routine for a lithe and slender body!

Four Belly Fat Exercises

Bicycle Crunch

Target : Lower Abs, Thighs, Triceps

One of the best exercises for flat abs is the Bicycle Crunch, a fast paced routine that will exercise abs for a lean and fit torso. Lie down with your back pressed down on the floor so that your upper and lower back are in contact with the floor. Lock your hands behind your head and bend your legs at a forty five degree angle. Your arms should be in line with your shoulders when locked behind your head.

Bicycle crunches

Your elbows and lower arm should not be parallel to your ears but perpendicular to them. Slowly bring your right knee into the chest while straightening out your left leg at the same time. Simultaneously, rotate your torso so that your left elbow veers towards your right knee. Switch sides so that you extend your right leg and bend your left, and reach your right elbow to the left knee. Repeat the exercise for one minute and perform three times a day for maximum impact.

The Boat

Target: Lower And Upper Abs, Thighs

The boat is an intensive routine, employed in gyms, resistance training, and cardiovascular workout routines and aerobics classes for svelte, flat abs. If you are looking for belly exercises to cut the calories, the Boat should be in your workout plan! Sit on the floor with your back straight knees bent so that your feet are flat on the ground. Tilt back so that your knees are roughly level with the base of your neck.

The Boat Pose

Extend your legs upwards slowly, without bending your knees so your upper torso is at a right angle to your fully extended legs. In this position, you will be resting solely on your haunches. For balance, extended your arms out in front of you, at shoulder height, without bending your elbows. Hold your position for five slow breaths and slowly return to your original position. Repeat five times and space this exercise four times throughout the day.

The Plank

Target : LowerAbs, Upper Abs, Glutes, Thighs, Calf Muscles, Biceps, Triceps

One of the most effective exercises for abs, the Plank is a slow-paced workout routine that engages your entire body to give you a slender, lithe muscular body as it targets your arms and legs in addition to the abs, giving you full-body workout. Lie face down with your stomach and chest touching the ground. Extend your legs fully behind you.

The Plank

Slowly lift yourself up bending your knees so that your legs are resting on the balls of your feet and your upper body is resting on your forearms that are flat on the ground while your upper arms are bent at the elbows at ninety degrees. In this position, your closed fists will be facing each other and your torso will be resting on the side of your forearms along the elbows.

Suck in your stomach muscles and tighten the glutes, straighten your legs and hold this position for ten seconds. Relax and get back to your starting position. Repeat the routine three times a day, gradually building to 40 seconds each. Incorporate the Plank in your daily workout regimen for flat abs and a fit, lean body.

Lower Ab Workout

Target:Abs, Thighs, Glutes

If you are looking out for something more than an ab workout, then this is one of the easiest and effective belly exercises. Start by lying down on your back and your hands resting in parallel with your hips. Begin drawing your belly button toward your spine. As you inhale, lift your feet up into the air.

Lower Ab Workout

Make sure you keep your legs straight and do not bend them at the knees. As you exhale, bring your hips back down to the ground slowly. This is one set. Do at least eight to ten sets for an excellent workout for not only your abdomen but also for your glutes and thigh muscles.

The list of abs and flat belly exercises above will help you cut the calories, burn flab and give you that svelte body you have always longed for!

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