6 Warning Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation

6 Warning Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation

Blood is the elixir of your body. The never ending to and fro movements crisscrossing across your veins is the real life line of your body in a sense. A vigorous circulation of blood is mandatory for your body and they are responsible for carrying the nutrients to the different parts. Naturally, any restriction in their movements can lead to loss of essentials to the other body organs. The result is illness and health complications. Poor blood circulation is not exactly a disease or an ailment but they are responsible for a host of ailments and many of them are severe in cases. They have the potential to damage your brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver. Poor blood flow can also make you physically weak and you might lose your complete potential in any work you do. Do not ignore the warning indications your body sends up when you have a less than average blood circulation. Consult your doctor immediately when you notice these symptoms in your body. Let us have a look at some the indications a poor blood circulation sends up.

Here Are The 6 Warning Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation:

1. Numbness

Have you ever felt the numbness in your feet when you wear a tight sock? The same principle applies here when you have a poor blood circulation. Blood travels to every region of your body and lack of it or a limit in its circulation can hamper the functioning of the region – leading to numbness. This is mostly felt in the hands and the leg region where these effects are immediate. Also, look for the signs of shivering or if your hands and feet are appearing restless. They may be an indication of poor blood circulations. Do not ignore these symptoms lightly.


2. Fatigue And Weakness

Lack of blood supply to your body parts make them less energized. The result is a constant feeling of weakness and fatigue. Poor blood circulation also affects the muscles and their oxygen circulation gets cut off. This naturally makes you frail and feeble and if the conditions are severe you may be unable to perform even a basic activity like lifting your hands or legs. You may also experience breathlessness, stamina attacks, and muscle cramps. If you are constantly feeling weak and fatigued do consult with a doctor immediately.

Fatigue And Weakness

3. Hair Loss

Apart from the various factors that affect your hair, lack of blood supply may be one of the reasons. Blood circulation is mandatory for a robust hair growth. It carries the essential nutrients and minerals needed for a healthy hair. Lack of these can hamper the robustness of your hair and you may experience frequent hair falls and problems. Check out with a trichologist in case you are experiencing abnormal hair falls this season. Poor blood supply could be one of the reasons. Massaging is the best option under the circumstances. Massage well with a virgin oil like coconut oil or olive oil to boost up the blood circulation and overcome this.

Hair Loss

4. Varicose Veins

This is one of the common indications that occur if you do not have a healthy blood circulation in your body. Varicose veins occur when the pressure starts to accumulate in the veins under our skin. These pressures can make them swollen and further pressure can make them protrude on your skin surface. They are mostly noticed in your legs as your legs in a way carry the entire weight of your body and the pressure is more in the region. Obesity may also lead to varicose veins and do not ignore these indications lightly. Check your blood levels too when you witness such varicose symptoms in your body.

Varicose Veins

5. Discoloration Of The Skin

Poor blood circulation can also turn the natural color of your skin into blue. It occurs as lack of blood movement curtails the oxygen supply which in turn causes the skin color to turn dark. This can affect even your lips and your nails. Also, in severe cases, even the skin around your eyes and mouth can turn away from its natural color. Such discolorations are not advisable in your skin and if ignored can lead to serious ailments that can affect your heart and cardio. Seek medical help and attention if you notice the symptoms of discoloration.

6. Heaviness In The Chest

This is one of the indications that your blood circulation is not per the acceptable limits. Your heart pumps blood throughout the body. If there is a poor blood flow, it indirectly applies pressure on your heart to pump more blood. This may lead to heaviness and tightness in your heart and chest regions.

Heaviness In The Chest

These feelings and sensation may occur randomly. However, do not ignore these symptoms if you are experiencing this chest heaviness frequently.

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