6 Natural Home Cures To Hangover

Hangover can be defined as the unpleasant bodily feelings after consuming large quantities of beverages, especially alcoholic beverages. Hangover is caused due to the presence of ethanol in the alcoholic beverage and may endure for several days in certain cases.


Excessive intake of alcohol can also result in increased toxic level and decreased level of vitamins as well as mineral in our body. The feelings include severe headache, lethargy, desiccation in the mouth, increased urge to urinate etc.

Drinking alcoholic beverages in moderate quantities can be helpful in preventing the problem of hangover. Here are a few excellent and effective natural cures for the trouble of hangover.

6 Natural Remedies For Hangover

Drink Water

Drinking sufficient amounts of water can be helpful in flushing out the toxin from our body. Since hangover is caused due to the loss of minerals and vitamins from the body, it can be compensated by in taking vitamin plus mineral supplements before sleeping. This is one of the valuable natural methods to overcome the problem of hangover completely.



Drinking a cup of coffee can be beneficial in curing hangover caused after consuming alcoholic drinks. Using a teaspoonful of honey instead of sugar while preparing the coffee can be valuable in curing the problem faster. Fructose, the major content in honey can be absorbed easily than sucrose which is the major content of sugar. This is another outstanding natural cure for the problem of hangover.



Ginseng is one of the proven herbal cures for the trouble of hangover. Hangover often results in increased dehydration which can be reduced by consuming the herb, namely ginseng. Consuming starchy foodstuffs can also be regarded as an effective method to overcome the hangover. Starch is known to be excellent in reducing the absorption of alcohol.


Medicines And Drinks

Taking one or two aspirin tablets can be useful in curing headache caused due to the trouble of hangover. Avoid consuming aspirin before going to nap as this may worsen the case. Vitamin C is found to be helpful in curing the problem of hangover completely. Drinking orange juice, tomato juice etc. can be advantageous in meeting the requirement. Vitamin C tables are also available to use internally which is valuable in reducing the symptoms of hangover.



The lost potassium as well as fructose can be restored by consuming large amounts of bananas. Bananas are also proved to contain antacids which are effective reducing the symptoms of hangover. Consuming bananas can also be regarded as an effective natural method to cure the problem of headache as well as nausea caused by hangover. An effective sandwich can be prepared by using banana pulp, peanut butter and honey which is found to be useful in treating the trouble of same.



Having a hot shower can also be valuable in overcoming the symptoms of hangover very efficiently. This is one of the commonly used as well as simplest natural methods to cure hangover. The heat can help in removing the toxins from our body and hence helping in checking the symptoms of the hangover. Having a cup of warm ginger tea can also be functional in reducing the problems caused due to hangover.

Hot Bath

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