Effective Natural Remedies to Cure Persisting Headaches!

When life is running at super speed crossing all limits and barriers, at times it’s the simple trivial things which hold us back. A headache might seem like a very insignificant and a small thing to complain about, but, if neglected it might lead to many complications. It is best advised not to take persistent headaches lightly. The cause needs to be identified and rectified for good health.

If you are facing any such situation where you are constantly accompanied by terrible headaches, then read on to gather a few useful and effective remedies to combat this problem.

Eat a Healthy Diet/ Stay Fit

It is very important that you eat a well-balanced and a healthy diet. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. This will enhance and improve the vitamins and add nutrients to your body. Also include a lot of green leafy vegetables as it increases the iron content. Dairy products are also very essential requirement for good health. Make sure you eat well as a healthy body is the first remedy for any problem that you might be facing.

Staying fit is also equally important. Make it a habit to exercise every day. This will increase your stamina and physical health and make your body more immune. You can either hit the gym or opt for exercises such as morning walks, jogging, skipping, swimming, aerobics and so on. Yoga and meditation is also most recommended. It provides peace and calms your mind and body.

Check your Eye Power

At times persistent headaches might be because of eye power. If you are facing it, then go immediately to an ophthalmologist and get it checked. You might be needing specs. If you have power then make sure you wear glasses as prescribed by the doctor or opt for contact lens if desired. Do not neglect it as your problem of headache might aggravate further. Make sure you do not strain your eyes much. Staring constantly for long hours before the computer screen or television might only add to your headaches.

Sleep Well

This is very important. Make sure you get your eight hours of sleep in the night. People with no proper eating and sleeping schedule might also be suffering from headaches.

Make sure you retire to bed early and wake up on time so that you can fall asleep in the night easily. Fix a schedule and go by that. Your eating and sleeping habits need to be considered and adhered to strictly for good health.

Keep Tension and Stress under Control

Most often a hard day leads to a bad headache. Make sure you keep stress and tension at bay. You need to find your own means of de-stressing. Whichever activity calms your mind and body, make sure you do that. Also try to keep depression under control.  Great conviction is required to keep control over your mind and emotions. Try to hang out more with people who help you stay happy and relaxed.  Always remember that depression, stress and tension aggravate the problem of headaches further. So, device your own means of tackling it.

Natural Remedies to cure Headache

For people suffering from half headaches, which occur on only one side of the head, the following remedy can be effective. Grind together one onion along with three to four cloves of pepper and a little water. Strain it and apply a few drops to your nostrils. Make sure you apply it on the opposite side of the head where there is no pain. It can also be cured by taking in the smoke of burnt paper.

For normal, persisting headaches, you can extract the juice of jasmine leaves and dissolve a little salt in it. Apply a few drops in the nostrils at least twice a day or as and when required. You can store this mixture in a clean glass bottle and use it whenever necessary. All kinds of headaches can be effectively cured by this common remedy, probably tried since generations. Place a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and place it on the forehead. Ice packs can also provide relief to those suffering from migraines.

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Another effective remedy is a mixture of jaggery in water with a little dry ginger mixed into it. This mixture can be applied to the nostrils to relieve headaches. A paste of dry ginger when applied on the forehead also provides relief to headaches. Another age old remedy is a mixture made out of cinnamon; few pepper cloves and a tiny piece of ginger.  Apply this paste on the forehead and allow it to dry. Once dried wash it off with warm water. This will provide relief gradually.

If you are used to drinking tea, then you can easily adopt this remedy. Squeeze a lemon to a cup of hot black tea. Sip it slowly and gradually you will find relief for your headache. Crush a lemon crust and make it into fine powder. Mix it with a little water and make it into a paste. Apply this to your forehead and allow it to dry. This cures headache caused by tension and stress. To cure chronic headache make it a habit to wake up every morning with a glass of warm water with a spoonful of honey added to it. This also cures other ailments such as frequent cold and cough. Another age old remedy is the application of sandalwood paste to the forehead to cure headaches.

These are few remedies that you can try to ease the problem of persisting headaches. If the problem persists, then make sure you visit a good medical practitioner as it might be something much deeper. Make sure you avoid antibiotics as much as possible. If you constantly rely on tablets then you might become addicted to it and it can cause drastic effects on your health eventually. Instead opt for these natural remedies and make sure you follow it patiently for it to bring forth effective results.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.