9 Joint Pain Relief Through Wonderful Home Remedies

Most of us are victims of joint pains of some form or the other. Joint pain can be caused due to a variety of reasons. A simple hit that we consider harmless can sometimes trigger a joint pain and can even lead to a chronic condition. The joints in our body are designed for smooth and frictionless movement. But for a person with joint pain, every single movement becomes a painful and difficult experience.

9 Joint Pain Relief Through Wonderful Home Remedies

Joint pain can be due to rubella, hepatitis, sprains or some other diseases of the bones. It can lead your life to a miserable one and can become severely limiting. There are a number of surgical options like joint replacement surgeries that are major surgeries that require long recovery time and not without its side effects and unsuccessful attempts.

Likewise there are a number of home remedies too that can relieve joint pain, maybe not completely, but to a certain extent, depending on the type of joint affected and the severity of the injury that has affected the joint. Let’s take a look at these refreshing options before you consider surgical interventions.

Home Remedies for Joint Pain

1. Role of Sulphur in Removing Joint Pain

Sulphur plays a very important part in protecting, reviving and strengthening the bones in our body. The cartilages and connective tissue too benefit a lot from sulphur compounds. For getting benefit from sulphur, we must include foods that are rich in sulphur in our diet.

These would include our wonderful vegetables like onions, garlic, oats, seeds, corn, asparagus, avocado and hold your breath, the refreshingly cool watermelon! Add these in plenty to your diet and give that extra protection and strength that your bones crave.


2. Use Turmeric in Abundance to Combat Joint Pain

The anti inflammatory properties of turmeric are known to all and sundry. Curcumin, the compound present in turmeric does a wonderful job in removing the chemicals from the body that is responsible for causing inflammation and pain resulting in joint pain.

Include turmeric in your diet on a daily basis. You can also consume it with a glass of water or with a pinch of honey for surprising results.

Turmeric Powder

3. Ginger, the Wonder Root for Joint Pains

Ginger is all that you will need if you have inflammation and pain and are looking for some effective solutions. Ginger has anti inflammatory properties, thanks to the compound gingerol that does mesmerising tricks and vanishes pain from your joints. All joint related diseases benefit from consuming ginger.

Ginger can be had as ginger tea or just as it is by chewing them down your throat. You may also add ginger in your food for enjoying its magic heal.


4. Flax Seed for Lubricating Your Joints

Painful joints are the result of friction between the damaged joints. They need to be lubricated well with an oil. What better oil than flax seed oil for this purpose! The medicinal benefits of flax seeds are many. They are anti inflammatory and a good source of essential fatty acids which are both greatly beneficial for strong bones and regeneration and strengthening of bones.

Consuming flax seeds in its oil form or as a supplement will keep your joints well lubricated, allowing you to move them any way you want.

flax seeds oil

5. Joint Pain Relief Through Consuming Avocados

A diet rich in Vitamin K is very essential for people who have arthritis and other joint related diseases.  Vitamin K helps in developing bone health. Avocados are rich in vitamin K and hence a great vegetable to be included in your daily diet.

Consuming avocadoes are also beneficial for your overall health as they are rich sources of other vitamins as well. They are also very rich in fatty acids that will keep your joints smooth and well functioning.


6. Heat/ Cold Packs for Joint Pain

You have to choose between the two depending on what kind of joint pain you have and what is the cause is for it. It you have injured your joint and have swelling and pain, you can use an ice pack for great relief from the symptoms.

However, for joint pains that are chronic and are related to arthritis, a heat compress could be a better solution. Use a heat pad or use a towel for soaking in hot water and wringing dry. Apply on the inflamed and painful joint. The heat penetrates the skin and offers much solace to the person.

Heat Cold Packs

7. Hot Baths for Alleviating Joint Pain

Joint pain can be very taxing and severely debilitating for the sufferer. Anything for a little relief! If you feel too vexed and frustrated, it’s time to fill your tub with hot water and soak for 15-20 minutes. You can also use a sauna for this purpose. However, make sure you do not spend more than 15 minutes in the sauna lest you should become a victim of dehydration due to all the sweating and heat.

hot water bath

8. Strength Training, a Must for Joint Pain

To keep the joint functioning well and to revive the damaged joints, you need to look at exercises that can strengthen the muscle groups that can make the joint move considerably and keep it away from further deterioration. Strengthening exercises help in stabilising the joints and relieving pain and inflammation.

Depending on the part of the joint affected, exercises must be customised. For knee pain, walking and weight training exercises are good. Similarly for other joints, there are specific exercises that can target the muscles around it.

Strength Training

9. Stretching Exercises for Joint Pain

Stretching the muscles of the affected joints actually help in increasing the blood circulation to these areas and also in imparting flexibility and greater alignment to the joint. Stretching exercises also relieve the tension in the surrounding muscles, paving way for greater movement with less friction and pain.

Joint pain is indeed very depressing, especially if you have it in its severest form. These home remedies will surely help you get considerable relief from your suffering. Talk to your doctor about other options if you are still in pain.

Stretching Exercises

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.