5 Effective Ways on How to Prevent Malaria

MalariaMalaria!! It is a very serious disease and might even lead to death of the person suffering from it. It is very common in the tropical and subtropical regions. Malaria is basically caused by a mosquito bite. These mosquitoes transmit the malaria causing parasite known as plasmodia into our blood stream leading to malaria.

Basically four things are required when we think about prevention of malaria which includes bite avoidance, awareness of risk, taking preventive medicines especially if travelling or living in the malaria infected regions and lastly prompt treatment of the infected persons. After many research doctors have found the way to cure this fatal disease but prevention is better than cure. So below are mentioned few tips by which you can prevent this dangerous disease:-

Ways To Prevent Malaria

Use Mosquito Repellents

The best and the most effective way to prevent malaria bite is to use mosquito repellents that contain diethyl toluamide. These repellents are safe for both adults and children but make sure that you keep it away from your eyes and mouth. Do make sure that you do not apply in excess especially on children.

Mosquito Repellents

One of the best mosquitos repellent is DEET. Products containing this repellent are widely available in the pharmacies or grocery stores. Inspection of the product before purchasing is very important to make sure that it contains about 20 to 25 percent of DEET to be affective.

In the same way lemon eucalyptus oil can be used to keep away malaria causing mosquitoes but it might not show best results and even require frequent application.

Travel With Care

If you are planning to visit a new area or a new country make a proper analysis of the area. If you love travelling then make a list of countries where malaria is very common. This can help you to stay away from the countries that are prone to malaria.

Make sure that the accommodations that you book for yourself are air conditioned and properly maintained. Avoid staying for long in the places where standing water is present. Mosquitoes usually lay eggs in the areas where standing water is found. Camping in forests should also be avoided.

Mosquito Nets Are Helpful

This technique is best when you plan to sleep outdoors. These nets will keep mosquitoes away and thus will reduce the risk of bites. Make sure that there are no hole in the net otherwise this technique will be of no use and mosquitoes will enter and surely bite you.

Mosquito Net

When the net is not in use the nets should be rolled up properly so that mosquitoes do not get accumulated inside the net. This is very effective when you travel a lot. You can easily carry these with you because you might not find these nets everywhere.

The insecticides with which the nets are treated last for maximum of 1 year and you need to get it impregnated again. If you don’t want to use nets then you can even use mosquito sprays.

Using Anti-Malarial Drugs

Anti-malarial drugs are also very effective to prevent malaria. There are number of tablets available in the market which you can take once a day or once a week. You might need to start taking these medicines before you leave for your trip and often need to continue few days after the trip ends.

Taking any medicine few days before the trip starts also has an extra advantage that is you get time to check any side effects before you start your journey. These drugs must be taken only after consulting an expert.

The type of medicine that you want to consume depends according to the place you visit, any health problem that are suffering from, time of your stay or on any medicines that you are consuming at that time. Parasites of different countries are resistance to some drugs hence the medications differ from place to place. Make sure that the drugs that you consume are not fake or sub standardised.

Keeping Clothes Clean

There is another technique by which you can prevent the disease that is to treat clothes with permethrin. This chemical is similar to the ones used on the bed nets and is safe on clothes.

Washing Cloth

If proper treatment is done then it can last for many weeks. But again the same treatment can be done. The best way to use this chemical is to purchase a formulation that you can easily prepare and then dip your clothes into it. You can ask experts about the chemical before using it.

Stay Indoors

It is better to stay inside especially during the dark. It is preferred to stay at home in an air conditioned room. Mosquitoes causing malaria usually attack in the night. Wearing long clothes like full sleeves shirt or pants is any day a better option.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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