5 Best Herbal Teas To Relax

Herbal Teas To Relax

At the end of a busy day, you would love to relax. Although there are a number of ways to unwind and calm the nerves, sipping a cup of warm herbal tea is the simplest way to reduce stress and anxiety. The warmth of the herbal tea helps in releasing the tension. The herbs known for their calmative property have a soothing effect that helps in relaxation and promotes sleep. Herbal teas are prescribed in traditional medicines as a natural remedy for anxiety. Instead of taking a prescription drug, try one of these herbal teas to pacify your nervous system.

1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is known for its positive effect on the nervous system. It helps in easing the symptoms of anxiety and improves the quality of sleep. The anxiety reducing effect of the herb is attributed to the compounds apigenin and luteolin. If you have trouble falling asleep, sip a cup of warm chamomile tea before retiring to bed. The calmative effect of the herbal tea helps in promoting sleep.[1] To soothe your nerves, make chamomile tea by steeping two chamomile tea bags in a cup of hot water for ten minutes. You can drink up to three cups of chamomile tea per day.

Chamomile Tea

2. Lemon Balm Tea

The calmative effect of lemon balm tea helps in calming the frazzled nerves. Plant compounds known as terpenes seem to be responsible for the calming effect of the herb.[2] To relax, prepare lemon balm tea by steeping fresh cuttings of lemon balm in boiling water for a few hours. Chill the tea and drink it. You can also make lemon balm tea by steeping an ounce of dried lemon balm leaves in two cups of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Strain and sip the warm tea.

Lemon Balm Tea

3. Catnip Tea

You can also relax by sipping a cup of catnip tea. Catnip helps in calming the nervous system and supports sleep without making you drowsy.[3] To make catnip tea, you will need one to two teaspoons of the dried herb per cup of water. Pour water in a pan and bring the water to a boil. Put the dried catnip in a teapot and pour the boiling water over the herbs. Cover the pot and allow the herbs to steep for about 20 minutes. Strain and drink the catnip tea.

4. Passionflower Tea

Passionflower helps in reducing tension, irritability and restlessness. It is known to work quickly and helps in providing fast relief from nervousness and anxiety and assists in relaxation and promotes sleep. Because of the sedative effect of the herb, take passionflower tea an hour before bedtime.[4] To make the herbal tea, bring eight ounces of water to a boil. Place a teaspoon of dried passionflower leaves or a tablespoon of the fresh herb in a cup. Pour the boiling water over the herb and steep for about five minutes. Strain and drink the tea.

Passionflower Tea

5. Lavender Tea

When you want to relax, drink a cup of lavender tea. The calming effect of lavender helps in relaxation and promotes sleep.[5] Steep a teaspoon of dried culinary lavender buds in a cup of boiling water for three to five minutes. Strain the herbal tea and, if desired, sweeten with honey or sugar. You can even blend lavender buds with other herbs such as rosemary leaves, chamomile flowers and mint leaves. Mix one tablespoon of each of these herbs. Add ½ teaspoon of whole cloves. Add 1 to 1 ½ teaspoons of the herb mixture in a cup of boiling water and steep for 5 minutes.

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