7 Best Exercises To Get Smaller Waist In A Few Weeks

7 Best Exercises To Get Smaller Waist In A Few Weeks

Keen to achieve sculpted, slim waist like that of the runway models and make every girl go green with envy over your hourglass figure? If you have been thinking it would require hours of intense workout at the gym to achieve this figure then you are wrong. There are exercises that you can do at home to whittle your waist and get a super sexy sculpt body within few weeks. This read is all about such excellent and effective exercises. Browse through to learn more.

Here Are The Exercises to Get Smaller Waist:

1. Russian Twist

Lie down face up on the ground with knees bent and feet resting on the ground. Raise your upper body and feet off the ground with only your seat firmed on the ground. Now your thighs and upper body form a V shape. Have a partner hold your feet or tuck it under some heavy object for better balancing. Stretch your arms in the front and interlock your fingers. Constrict your abs and twist your upper body and arms to your right and left. Repeat the movement several times. You can also place your heels on the ground while doing the exercise.

Russian Twist

2. Bicycle Crunches

Lie down supine with hands at the back of your head. Bring your left knee towards your chest as you bring your right elbow towards your left knee by twisting your torso. Engage your abs and rib cage while you perform the exercise. Switch sides and repeat the motion several times.

3. Windshield Wipers

Lie down flat on your back with arms stretched on your sides from shoulder to shoulder. Bend your knees and raise the feet off the ground such that your thighs are perpendicular to the torso. Rotate your thighs and hips from side to side firming your arms and shoulders on the ground. Continue the motion as long as you feel comfortable.

4. Jumping Oblique Twist

Stand erect with feet together and get your arms to touch each other at shoulder level. Gaze forward and hop a few inches off the ground by rotating your feet toward your right. When you jump up again, rotate your feet towards your left. Make sure your torso is always facing forward and only your hip and feet are rotated. Rotate sides and do as many jumps as desired.

5. Side Plank with Variation

Get into side plank position with a dumbbell in your upper hand. Bend your bottom knee for balance and raise your hips so that your body is in a straight line from shoulder to ankle. Stretch your upper arm straight upward holding the dumbbell and gaze at the ceiling. Tighten your abs and bring the dumbbell under your torso. Push it behind as much as possible and raise your hand straight up again. Switch sides and do as many repetitions as possible.

6. High Low Crunches

You need a chair to do this exercise. Sit in a crunch position facing the chair. Place your feet beneath the chair. Place your hands on either side. Raise both your feet above and below the chair without touching it. Chair is required in this exercise as it helps maintain the intensity and your balance. Repeat this in sets of 25.

7. Standing Side Crunches

This exercise burns more calories and targets your oblique muscles. Stand straight with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. Toes should be pointing forward. Keep your hands behind your neck such that the elbows are out to the sides. Shift your weight onto your left leg and crunch on the right side. Bring the right knee towards the elbow. Now, lower the right leg while returning back to the starting posture. Switch legs and repeat the movement. You can do any number of reps by switching sides.

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