4 Best Yoga For Gas Pain Relief


Yoga For Gas Pain Relief

When you’re having gas sometimes or on regular basis, you might be in a very awkward situation. The gas in your stomach when not released starts forming hugely and thus creates abdominal pressure which is directed with severe pain and headache. At many times a normal person cannot pass the intestinal gas anywhere; thus the store gets heavy inside.

The intestinal gas results from eating certain foods, food intolerances, smoking, eating very quickly and thus gulping too much air, constipation problem etc. You can reduce your gas pain by healing with dietary steps, changes in life style, medications or right home remedies. You may get some relief via these measures, but yoga postures will help you tremendously to let go the gas or lessen down the abdominal pressure. Therefore we’ve listed few of the best yoga for gas pain relief that you can try at home.

4 Yoga For Gas Pain Relief

1. Shoulder Stand Yoga

The yoga is quite easy to practice and it is effective for the pain to descend down. You need a thin mat on which you will lie down straight and position a folded thin blanket on your mat for the protection of your neck. With the hands straight on the floor, you need to lift your hips upwards gently and your bended legs touching your forehead.

Then you can rest your hands on your back making it straight as pressure is built slightly on your shoulders. You can slowly lift your legs behind up so that the gas gets its way to flee out and then make them fully straight. You can even lower one leg parallel to the floor slowly, first right and then left leg. Gradually you can lie down in your original position. Continue this process till you feel better.

2. Seated Twist Yoga

You can free yourself from gas by applying this yoga posture. You have to first take your sitting position and the right leg is crossed over the left leg of yours. Try to bring your heel of the right foot near your left hip for some time. With the left leg inside the heel should be kept near your right hip. Then put your left arm’s torso on the above of right leg. Stay in that posture for few minutes and then continue in the opposite direction.

3. Cobra Pose Yoga

This is the easiest pose known to be the cobra yoga to release your immense pain where you lie with face and body lying on the floor. As the weight is on the forearms and legs extended you can press on to your hands and curve your back, and slowly raise your chest plus thighs gripped jointly. For few seconds grasp your breath and then relax to your original position.

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4. Wind-Relieving Yoga Posture

As your hips are opened by your posture the gas gets eased progressively. As you sleep on a mat with legs extended out, you curve one leg inside bringing towards your chest and hold it with arms. You can replicate it on the other leg. Then bring your both legs inside thus touching your knees to your forehead. Slowly relax down both of your legs. As you repeat this process for few minutes the gas pain will be alleviated. Hence get yourself free from the abdominal gas pain caused by attempting the above yoga daily.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.