Best Back Strengthening Yoga Poses

Back Strengthening YogaYoga is transforming life of many people around the world. Thanks to the remarkable research on yoga, that proves its health benefits, it has been a life style choice of many. Yoga is not just a simple work out. It comprises of series of body poses and breathing techniques that work together to balance mind, soul and body.

When your body, soul and mind are in sync, no disease can take hold of your body. Yoga acts on various glands of the body that regulates the secretion of hormones. Various poses are especially designed to strengthened spine and back bone. Therefore, practicing yoga is a good way to keep your back pain in check. Learn the following poses from a yoga teacher to practice them at home.

Back Strengthening Yoga Poses

Downward-Facing Dog

This yoga pose is great for spinal traction and back health. To take this pose, bend your shoulder forward with feet and hip apart. Do not arch your back rather stress on lifting the navel and front ribs maintaining a balance between the shoulder and the back.

Downward Facing Dog

Arch the tailbone towards the heels and stress through the legs with equal pressure and stretch. Initially, you may feel little bit of pain on the shoulder while stretching but gradually your body will be comfortable with the pose. Stay for a few seconds taking 5-10 breaths and then relax.

Pigeon Pose

Straight from downward-facing dog pose take position to perform pigeon pose. Put forward your right knee below right wrist. Let your foot touch you left hip or just make it straight. Keep your left leg stretched back. Knee and foot should face downward. Balancing the pose, place your hip on the ground and press the arms on the floor.

Pigeon Pose

Take 5 to 10 breaths here, and then return to downward-facing dog. Finally, switch the legs for moving back to pigeon pose. This pose opens the lower body muscles like hamstrings, hip rotators, and iliopsoas muscles and also tightens the back muscles. Therefore, it controls lower back pain.

Back Traction Pose

Changing from the pigeon pose, lie down on your back and bent your knees. Put a yoga block under your hip to form a bridge like appearance. Walk your feet wide and then bring your knees towards each other. While your feet are suspended in the air, lift your knees above the hip and relax.

Back Traction Yoga

Stay like this for 30 seconds. Repeat this again and then release the posture by placing the feet on the floor. Relax at this position. This pose strengthened the lower back and sacrum and it is an excellent pose to relieve lower back pain.

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Child Pose

Child pose is a great pose to relax the body after performing different yoga poses. Sit on your keens folded and feet facing backward. Bend your forehead towards the ground and let it touch the floor if possible.

Child Pose

And if you are unable to touch the floor with your forehead, place a yoga block in front of the forehead facing down and relax. Take few breaths here and then lie down taking over corpse pose (sarvasana). Let all your tension go and focus on your breath while on corpse pose.

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