15 Marvelous Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd

Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd

No brownie points for guessing the name of the most common vegetable in the hate list of most people. It would be karela or bitter gourd in majority of cases. The bitter taste is not very delectable but this humble vegetable is loaded with several nutrients. It has numerous minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc and phosphorous. It is loaded with vitamin A, B1, B2 and C and is also a good source of folates.Bitter Gourd has some amazing qualities which makes it very useful in curing and/or fighting several health problems.

Listed Below Are Some Of The Amazing Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd:

1. Diabetes:

One of the factors resulting in diabetes is low amount of insulin as a result of which less glucose is absorbed from the blood. Bitter Gourd is said to increase the insulin levels in blood. It has a compound charantin which helps control the blood sugar levels and helps in glucose metabolism. To make bitter gourd juice takes two bitter gourds. Peel and remove the seeds and the sponge. Cut into small pieces. Blend it in a blender. Strain and add a little salt and lemon juice for taste. Have this juice everyday in the morning on an empty stomach.


2. Infections:

Bitter gourd is found to be beneficial in fighting infections like malaria, herpes, measles etc.The leaves of karela are particularly useful in weakening bacterial and viral infections. In cases of bacterial infections it actually kills the bacteria by weakening it. It is also very useful in fighting cholera which again is a bacterial infection. It overall boosts immunity and helps to keep infections away. Take a few leaves of bitter gourd. Wash them well. Take a glass of clean water. Add the leaves to it. Boil the mixture well. Strain the mixture. Add a little salt and lemon juice for taste. Drink this mixture daily to fight malarial infection. For cholera infection take two tablespoons of karela juice. Add two tablespoons of white onion juice. Add a little lemon juice. Mix well and have this mixture till cholera is cured completely.


3. Cardio Vascular Diseases:

The seeds of bitter gourd are particularly useful in keeping heart problems at bay. They have the ability to do away with the fat deposition in the blood vessles.As a result the arteries and the veins do not get blocked and hence your heart remains healthy.

Cardio Vascular Diseases

4. Skin Problems:

Bitter gourd has compounds which help eliminate the toxins in the blood thus helping in purifying the blood. It cleanses the body from within thus helping in keeping skin infections like acne and blemishes away. It is also known to be effective against psoriasis and eczema. It helps in keeping the skin healthy and beautiful naturally and its anti oxidants are known to protect the skin from harmful effects of the sun .Bitter gourd keeps the skin young and prevents the signs of ageing.

Skin Problems

5. Hair Problems:

You can call bitter gourd one stop solution for most hair problems. It is known to prevent hair fall and also helps fight dandruff. The application of bitter gourd juice to split ends or grey hair is found to help reduce both split ends as well as premature greying of hair. It is also known to control excess oil production and is also useful in reducing itchiness. Simple hair packs can be prepared by mixing bitter gourd with yogurt or banana which helps in keeping hair healthy.

Hair Problems

6. Digestive Problems:

The high fiber content in bitter gourd makes it very useful in improves the bowel movement and gives relief from constipation. It also helps in the secretion of gastric juices which in turn helps in better digestion of food. Bitter gourd is very good in preventing stomach ulcers, acidity indigestion and also helps eliminate parasitic worms in the stomach.

Digestive Problems

7. Weight Loss:

Bitter gourd has high fiber and water content which helps in keeping stomach full for a longer time thus helping keep away hunger pangs. It is also known to increase metabolism and it flushes out the toxins .It is low in calories. It should therefore be an essential part of your weight loss regime.

Weight Loss

8. Piles:

The components in bitter gourd are found to be effective in treating piles. There are two ways in which it can be used in piles treatment. In the first method take two tablespoons of bitter gourd juice. Add to a glass of buttermilk. Mix well. Drink the mixture daily. In the second method take the root of bitter gourd. Add a little water. Blend it to a smooth paste. Apply this paste daily to the affected area.


9. Respiratory Tract Infections:

Bitter gourd is also known to work against common respiratory tract infections like cough and cold. Both the pods as well as the leaves can be used to cure respiratory tract infections. The pods can be had as a veggie. In case of the leaves take few leaves of bitter gourd and few leaves of basil. Wash them thoroughly. Grind both to a fine paste Add honey to the mixture. Have this mixture daily to get relief from cough and cold.

Respiratory Tract Infections

10. Eye Problems:

Bitter gourd has beta carotene which is good for the eyes .Regular consumption of bitter gourd is known to improve vision and also helps keeping several eye problems away.

Eye Problems

11. Hangover Issues:

We all know that excess alcohol consumption will lead to hangover problems. Bitter gourd juice removes the toxins from the body and flushes the liver; thereby helping in resolving the hangover issue.

Hangover Issues

12. Improvement In Immunity:

Since biter gourd is loaded with several vital nutrients regular intake of bitter gourd improves the immune system and strengthens the body thereby making the body more fit to fight infections. Regular intake of bitter gourd juice in the mornings on an empty stomach can work wonders for your health.

Improvement In Immunity

13. Cancer Fighting Properties:

The presence of anti cancer compounds in the fruit as well as the seeds helps to prevent the formation of cancerous cells. It also promotes the formation new red blood cells and is useful in curing anemia and is highly effective against leukemia.

Cancer Fighting Properties

14. Gout:

Gout is caused due to excess uric acid and toxins in the blood. Gout can be very painful. The regular consumption of bitter gourd juice removes the toxins and gives relief from gout pain.


15. Energy Enhancer:

For leading an active life energy is required. Bitter gourd is found to increase energy and vitality. It is best to have the juice of bitter gourd on a regular basis to boost up your energy.

Energy Enhancer

So next time when you see bitter gourd don’t detest it ,embrace it and make this amazing veggie a part of your diet to lead a vigorous healthy life.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.