15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Soy Milk

Health Benefits Of Soy Milk

Soy milk is an extract from soybeans and is a healthy option for people who can’t tolerate lactose foods. Soy milk is a non-dairy kind of milk and has remarkable health benefits. Rich in protein and other essential nutrients, soy milk is used as a substitute to milk in several recipes. This natural plant product is loaded with all plant compounds good for health.

Here Is The List Of 15 Health Benefits Of Consuming Soy Milk:

Improves Lipid Profile:

Unlike the normal dairy milk, soymilk is loaded with zero cholesterol and unsaturated fats. Regular intake of soy products can help lower the LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Hence, soymilk is a healthy choice for vegans having a family history of heart diseases and high cholesterol problems.

drinking milk

Improves Mental Health:

Soymilk is loaded with several micronutrients such as manganese, folate, niacin etc. that help in improving mental well-being.

Improves mental health

Good For Heart:

Soymilk is packed with essential nutrients and amino acids good for heart health. Isoflavones and amino acids in soymilk help lower the levels of serum cholesterol. It is a good source of protein for lactose intolerant people and helps in lowering the blood pressure as well.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Relieves Post-menopausal Symptoms:

Soymilk helps in easing symptoms related to post-menopausal health problems. Isoflavones in soymilk help maintain the levels of estrogen in women undergoing the phase of menopause. Intake of soymilk can help prevent maladies that occur due to the loss of estrogen hormone. Also, isoflavones in soymilk are helpful in reducing cardiovascular risks in post-menopausal women.

Relieves Post-menopausal Symptoms

Prevents The Risks Of Prostate Cancer:

Being a rich source of a plant hormone known as phytoestrogen, soymilk helps reduce the production of testosterone. Also, reduction in the levels of testosterone can reduce the risks of prostate cancer.

Prevents The Risks Of Prostate Cancer

Weight-loss Tonic:

Soymilk is loaded with natural low sugar content when compared to the normal cow milk. Due to the presence of monosaturated fats in it, soymilk helps inhibit the intestinal absorption of fat which aids in weight loss. It is loaded with fiber. Hence, consuming a glass of soymilk will make you feel full for a longer time.

Weight-loss Tonic

Prevents Osteoporosis:

Soymilk has natural plant compounds known as phytoestrogens that help improve the absorption of calcium by the body and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Prevents Osteoporosis

Strengthens Integrity Of Blood Vessels:

Being a rich source of phyto-antioxidants along with omega 3s, omega 6s; soymilk helps protect the blood vessels from hemorrhage and lesions. These compounds are attached to the lining of the blood vessels and defend the cells from the deposition of cholesterol and free radicals.

Lowers The Risks Of Breast Cancer:

Few studies have mentioned that women consuming good amounts of soy products are less prone to the risks of breast cancer.

Lowers The Risks Of Breast Cancer

Improves The Functioning Of Kidneys:

Research studies have proved that consuming soymilk helps in reducing the protein loss in urine thereby improving kidney health.

Improves The Functioning Of Kidneys

Controls Diabetes:

Soymilk has less sugar content and low glycemic index when compared to regular cow milk. Hence, consuming a cup of soymilk can help maintain blood sugar levels, thanks to the protein and fiber content in it. The fiber content in soy products help in the slow absorption of sugar and hence it is easier for diabetics to handle.

Controls Diabetes

Rich In Antioxidants:

Soy isoflavones have antioxidant properties helpful in reducing chronic diseases. Antioxidant properties in soymilk help reduce the oxidative damage and stress.

Good For Hair:

Isoflavones and soy proteins in soymilk help reduce hair fall. Few studies indicate that isoflavone genistein in soymilk helps in stimulating the synthesis of an essential acid that is helpful in regenerating hair growth.

Good For Hair

Rich Protein Source:

Soymilk is packed with proteins and other essential nutrients. It is one important plant-based source of protein which contains essential amino acids that help in cell functioning.

Good Source Of Fiber:

It is an excellent source of fiber. Unlike the dairy milk, soy milk contains two grams of fiber per serving. Good amounts of fiber aids in digestion, relieves constipation and makes you feel full for a longer time.

Good Source Of Fiber

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