12 Natural Cures For Anemia

Natural Cures For AnemiaAnemia is a condition where the blood cell count is decreased considerably.  The haemoglobin content in the blood is also reduced from its normal level. This in greater sense means less flow of oxygen in the body tissues.  Usually anemia is a result of iron deficiency in the body and the symptoms are feeling dizziness, getting pale and whitish, loss of energy and inability to work hard.

Severe anemic patients should be treated under medical supervision. However, when the situation is not that serious a few home remedies can improve the condition. Here are few natural cures that can increase the haemoglobin content in the blood and can help in the cure of anemia:

Natural Ways To Cure Anemia

Healthy Diet

As improper diet is the main cause of anemia, improving your daily diet is going to help you recover from anemia.

Dairy Products

Try to include more of cereals, dairy products, pasta and rice in your meals along with sufficient amount of vegetables, meat, fruits and nuts. A healthy diet will improve the immune system and the anemic condition will be cured.


As already mentioned the main cause of anemia is the result of iron deficiency in the body, we need to intake a lot of iron inside the body.


It is best to have iron supplements from drugstore. Other than that you can include a lot of spinach, dry fruits, meat, prunes, oysters, raisins, beets and lentils.

Use Iron Pots

It has always been suggested by the elders to cook your food in iron pots. This ensures that your food gets rich in iron while being cooked. This is a very easy way of iron intake in the body.

Vitamin Intake

Often pregnant women suffer from anemia. This is a delicate period. It is not only you but the little one in your womb too who needs proper nourishment.

Vitamin K2

Try to get foods rich in Vitamins at this time. Consult a doctor to suggest some multivitamins so that your body receives adequate supply of necessary vitamins.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12, B6 and Folic acid supplements can be taken for better results. The condition of anemia will improve and there will be healthy production of blood cells in the body.

Vitamin C Dose

The production of blood cells can be boosted with the intake of Vitamin C. It works in combination with iron, to increase the haemoglobin percentage in blood.

Citrus Fruits

Therefore the intake of foods that contain Vitamin C is quite essential. You can try citrus fruits like lemon, oranges and grapefruits for better results and improvement in your condition.


Increase the level of manganese in your body as it is an ideal healer in cases of severe anemia. It is known as an agent for protein and fat metabolism in the body. Manganese rich foods like hazelnuts are good. There are several spices like cloves, saffron and chili powder that can be essential source of manganese in the body.


Include some raw herbs in your diet daily. Take 1 teaspoon of yellow dock root daily for 3 times. This can ensure a quick increase in blood cells.

Dandelion roots

You can also take ½ teaspoon of Dandelion leaf extract twice a day. Taking Dandelion root Capsules can also help in this situation.


Honey has been a proven remedy for many ailments. It is a rich source of iron and manganese. Taking a spoonful of honey every morning can generally boost the immune system and also help in the increase of haemoglobin. You can use honey as a supplement of sugar. It will be healthier and tastier too.


Take a bowl full of washed and drained spinach. Toss in a handful of dry roasted hazelnuts and another handful of raisins. Top with a dressing of some olive oil, lime juice and honey.

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This salad will not only taste good, but will help you keep healthy and cure anemia as all the ingredients provide are rich in iron, Vitamin C and manganese.

Avoid Tobacco And Caffeine

It is best to avoid taking a lot of caffeine rich beverages like coffee and aerated drinks during this time. A lot of people have the habit of taking beverages during meals. This should be strictly avoided as it causes a hindrance to the food to supply the necessary nutrients in the organs. Tobacco is another agent that can affect the healing process from anemia.


Some people are very obsessed with keeping their body fit and slim. While exercising is good, too much of it when you are suffering from anemia, can worsen the situation.

Shoulder Exercises

You can restrict to mild form of exercises during this time and once your anemia is cured and normalized, you can resume being the heavy exerciser once again.

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However, when the situation is not the serious a few home remedies can improve the condition.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.