Various Useful Ways About How To Cure Anemia

AnemiaAnemia occurs when the red cells or the haemoglobin content formed in our blood goes down considerably below the required level. The major factors that lead to anemia are sudden blood loss, iron deficiency certain mineral deficiency and nutritional deficiency. Though generally anemia cases are mostly found in women but men can also suffer from it too.

If you are detected as anemic then do not neglect it at all as it can be fatal if not treated at the right time. The best way to cure anemia follow proper medication, eat healthy that is maintain a proper diet and be physically fit. There are few useful ways which can be followed in order to cure anemia completely.

How To Cure Anemia

Eat Lot Of Leafy Vegetables And Fruits

Add lot of leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, turnip greens, spinach and collards in your diet. You can include these vegetables in your diet in the form of salads so that you can enjoy its taste as the same time it is beneficial to cure anemia as well.

Vegetables And Fruits

Spinach is a highly beneficial and a must eat vegetable in this regard which should be eaten daily as it helps in the formation of red blood cells within the body which increases the level of haemoglobin. Even fruits like oranges, lemons, apples pomegranate are beneficial and must be eaten ever day though all should not be eaten at once but should be eaten at regular intervals.

Do Light Exercises And Deep Breathing To Cure Anemia

Deep Breathing

Anemia generally makes a person very lethargic and doing exercises becomes difficult. But if a person does light freehand exercises then it helps to flush out the bodily toxins and makes the blood circulation better which helps to increase the haemoglobin levels to a great extent. Also doing 10 minutes of deep breathing everyday can also be of immense help for the anemic patients.

Yoga And Asanas Help Immensely To Cure Anemia

Doing yoga is of immense help as it has good positive effects on anemia. The preferable asanas which are recommended are paschimottasana and shavasana.


These asanas doesnot require any kind of physical exertions and brings the body into a relaxed state of equilibrium and helps in proper blood circulation which in turn helps to increase the haemoglobin levels.

Inclusion Of Vitamin B12 In The Diet

Dairy Products

In order to cure anaemia completely it is absolutely essential that you include vitamin B12 in your diet. Consuming dairy products and meat items especially liver or kidney is absolutely essential for increasing the iron content in your blood. These food items help to cure anemia in a big way.

Intake Of Fenugreek And Soyabean To Cure Anemia

Fenugreek is very rich in iron as result it proves to be very effective remedy for curing anrmia. It is advised to take fenugreek leaves in cooked form daily in your diet in order to cure anemia effectively.

fenugreek leaves

Even soyabean being is very rich in iron and protein content as a result soyabean is an effective home remedy for treating anaemia. It is advised that the half glass of soya milk consumed everyday is very effective. Even soya chunks can be cooked and eaten as well.

Cooking Food In Iron Pots

Another significant way to get rid of anemia is to prepare your foods in iron pots and utensils because by using iron utensils you will significantly increase the quantity of iron from food This intake of high iron content in the food helps you to cure anemia faster.

Taking Cold Baths

Taking bath in cold water is very beneficial to cure anemia. It is advised that the person who is suffering from anemia must have cold water bath twice everyday in order to cure anemia effectively.

Apart from taking medicines you can follow these useful ways regularly in order to cure anemia effectively.

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