10 Natural Cure To Emphysema


Emphysema is caused due to heavy smoking for a long period. It causes abnormal enlargement of air space in lungs. People suffering from emphysema feels obstruction in airways and have a hard time breathing oxygen in and breathing carbon dioxide out. It can cause various complications such as erythrocytosis, which indicates unusual high-level of red blood cells in a person.

In few cases, emphysema can also be hereditary. It doesn’t matter whether someone is consuming marijuana or tobacco, it can develop in any regular smoker. The small capillaries present in lung tissues get impaired. In time blood flow will also decline that causes furthermore complications. Fortunately various natural remedies to an emphysema cure do exist, which improves health naturally, safely and effectively.

Tips To Cure Emphysema Naturally

1. Lemon

Using lime or lemon is another precious home remedy to cure emphysema. One teaspoon of fresh fruit juice of either of these two fruits should be consumed multiple times a day which can be taken before or between meals.

2. Garlic

Another useful home remedy is the use of garlic. Chew two or three cloves of garlic daily, preferably in the morning with an empty stomach. You can also add little garlic juice to vegetable juices.

3. Astralagus

Astralagus is a Chinese herb, which has the ability to speed up the healing in the bronchial tubes. It also helps in clearing the lungs resulting in better breathing.

4. Cordyceps

Cordyceps follows the Chinese belief which says that lung, and kidney are in synergy. Cordyceps is responsible for producing excellent oxygenation for the kidneys, which is helpful for lungs.

5. Ephedra Or Thyme

These work great for the respiratory orders. However, one should keep in mind that ephedra is not recommended for the ones who are suffering from glaucoma, anxiety, or heart disease.

6. Licorice Extract

Licorice extract is very helpful in increasing the energy levels, and it improves the functions of internal organs. However, one should not use it for more than seven days continuously as it can rapidly increase blood pressure.

7. Lobelia

Lobelia is very effective to get rid of mucus making it easier to breathe.

8. Aniseed

Aniseed possesses great expectorant properties and is, therefore, found useful in emphysema. Mix 5-10 drops of aniseed oil with one teaspoon of brown sugar. It can be taken regularly for the beneficial results.

9. Amaranth

Amaranth is a useful green leafy vegetable to cure emphysema. Extract fresh juice from this vegetable and mix it with honey. It can then be consumed regularly.

10. Fasting And Juice Detox

A fast while drinking fruit and vegetable juices regularly for five to six days eliminate toxins, which attack immune health. This is a fast natural remedy for detoxification. The follow-up diet can include with each meal, grains, fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, and a glass of buttermilk.

Fresh fruits and raw vegetables provide nutrients, and it is suggested that fast period should be followed by four more days, which contain high-level of juices such as pears, oranges, pineapples, peaches and papayas. Getting rid from toxins stimulates the defense of immune system, improves digestion and toxins-handling by liver.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.