10 Best Yoga Poses To Sooth Sciatic Nerve Pain

Yoga Poses To Sooth Sciatic Nerve Pain

Today’s life is not only fast paced, but is also very busy. Work pressures coupled with the stressful deadlines increases, it which we have to adhere to. From all of this, whatever little spare time we get is spent on our other commitments thereby leaving us with very little or almost no time to take care of ourselves. Have you ever thought that what is the ultimate result of all this? Our health suffers a major setback. The sciatic nerve is the longest running nerve beginning from the lower back and continuing right down till the lower limb passing via the buttocks. Sciatic pain can be very aptly described as a pain in the leg along with the feeling of numbness or weakness that starts from the lower back and continues till the sciatic nerve which is located on the leg. Below given yoga stretches can help you in curing this pain for a long time and you can prevent yourself from visiting the physiotherapist.

Here Are The 10 Best Yoga Poses To Sooth Sciatic Nerve Pain:

Staff Pose:

It is a simple yoga pose that everyone can try. Sit on the floor by stretching both legs and your hands must touch the floor. Now keep your spine straight and stretch the legs for at least one minute. Repeat it many times for good relief.

Staff Pose

Pigeon In A Chair:

It is a piriformis stretch. People, who experience problems in comfortably lying to their back, they should try this pose. You need a chair to practice this pose. Put your both feet flat on the floor and keep the thighs parallel to each other. Now place the right angel near the left knee and push the right knee towards the floor. Repeat the same pose with left leg and you have done.

Pigeon In A Chair

Eye On The Niddle Pose:

This pose is for those, who can easily lie on the floor. In case, you feel too much back pain when you lie on the floor, try this pose at your bed. Lie straight on the floor and bend your right knee and then bend the left leg. Keep left feet towards the floor and catch left knee by both of your hands. Now pull your left leg towards your face and keep your eye on left foot’s toe. Practice the same pose with the left leg at least 4 times.

Eye On The Niddle Pose

Pigeon Pose:

People with good movability can try this pose. First of all fold a blanket and place it under your butt. Now sit down and bend your left leg at the front side of your body and take your right leg behind the body. Sit in this pose for a few minutes and practice the same pose by bending right leg at front side. This yoga stretch offers pleasing results in terms of reduced nerve pain and better mobility.

Pigeon Pose

Upward Twist:

For this, place a chair against the wall. If you want to stretch your right hip, then stand with your right side next to the wall. Place your right foot on the chair with knees bent to almost 90 degrees. You can your body by keeping your hands on the wall. Slowly lift up your left heel high by coming on your toes. Hold for several breaths and try the other leg in the same way.

Upward Twist

Hamstring Stretch:

These stretches are also equally effective. Take a chair and put your right leg on it. Your leg should either be lower or at the level of your hip. Hold for several breaths and repeat with the other side.

Hamstring Stretch

Modified Cow Face Pose:

It is also known as cow’s face pose, you have to sit on the floor with your legs flat in front (like Dandasana pose). Now, bend your right knee and bring the right leg over your left leg. With the help of your hand, draw the right leg closer to your left hip. Move your left foot across the mid-line to the right.

Modified Cow Face Pose

King Pigeon Pose:

With the help of a chair or something sturdy, bring yourself till the edge of the chair by folding the right leg. Keep your toe flexed so as to feel the perfect stretch. Hold for several breaths and then go for the other leg.Try these easy stretched for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis and see the difference for yourself. One word of caution, however, would be to consult your doctor before doing any of these stretches.

King Pigeon Pose

Cow In A Chair:

In case, your physiotherapist suggests you to heal herniated disk problem, the cow in a chair is the best pose for it. There is nothing difficult to do in this pose. Get a chair and sit on it. Make sure that both of your feet are on the floor. If you have set in this position, set your both palms on the knees and keep your back straight. Now you have to breathe in so that you can push your chest forward. Thus, you will create an arch with your spine.

Cow In A Chair

Simple Seated Twist:

This pose is also quite simple to try. Sit on the floor by folding your right leg and your left hand should be back of your body. Now place your right leg over the left leg and twist your body’s upper portion towards right side. Repeat the same pose on the other side.

Simple Seated Twist

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