Yoga For Back Pain

Among the most common health issues today, back pain is in the lead. Slouching, bad posture, wrong sleeping positions, unhealthy lifestyle, stress are some of the major reasons for this problem. As we grow older we tend to get lower back ailments due to lack of flexibility.

To avoid all these issues yoga is very effective and practicing it regularly proves beneficial. All the yoga techniques must be repeated for at least three times to five times. Breathing normally is the key while performing all the asanas. A few yoga techniques for back pain are discussed below.

Yoga for Back Pain

Spine Lengthening Asana

Sit comfortably in Sukhasana (cross-legged pose). Keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Most importantly, smile. If you prefer to practice these yoga postures while standing, keep your feet parallel. Be seated in a comfortable position in the sukhasana pose, with the back erect and shoulders in a relaxed manner.

Spine Lengthening Asana

You can also stand and perform this asana. Inhale deeply and slowly raise your arms. Intertwine your fingers, so that the thumbs just touch each other. Now, stretch to your maximum limit with the elbows straight and make sure your biceps touch the ears. Remain in this posture for two to three breaths. To deepen the back stretch, suck in the abdominal area towards the spine.

Sideways Spine Bend

This asana is similar to the twisting spine asana. To perform this asana place the hands raised above the head with fingers interlaced. While you exhale gently bend towards your right side and remain in this position for a few breaths and then inhale while you get back to the center. Repeat the same on the other side too. Make sure that while bending you do not bend forward or backward, but bend only towards the sides. Also, ensure your hands are stretched out on the same level. While performing this asana try and engage the muscles in the abdomen.

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Spine Twist

To perform this asana, interlace you fingers above your head and while exhaling slowly turn your torso towards the right side. Remain in this position for two to three breaths and while inhaling return to the normal center position.

Spine Twist

Repeat again, while exhaling turn your torso to the opposite direction that is the left side, remain there for two to three breaths, inhale, and get back to the normal position.

Forward And Backward Spine Bend

The first step in this asana is, exhale while you extend your hands out in the front. Now, inhale deeply and while you exhale stretch forward from the lower back. Gently turn right as you inhale and exhale. Keep the hands parallel to each other and equally stretched. Return to the center position. Repeat this on the other side too and then come back to the normal position. Now inhale and gently raise your arms and undo the interlaced fingers, stretch backwards and then come back to the center. Bring the arms back to the sides and relax.

Side To Side Spine Twist

To perform this asana place the left palm on the right knee and breathe in and breathe out and gently turn towards the right. To get a balance you can place the right hand on the ground, but stay erect without leaning forward or backward. Remain in this position for a couple of breaths and then return back to the center.

Side To Side Spine Twist

Repeat this on the other side too and get back to the normal position. Now, change the position of the crossed legs. Suppose it was left over right change it to right over left. Repeat this asana again on either side. Ensure that you engage the muscles of the abdomen along with the muscles in the hip to twist more.

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