Yoga Exercises That Help Your Posture

Your overall health depends on a good posture. Wrong posture while working in different positions can cause damage to your internal organs and can cause chronic back ache, cervical or spondylitis etc. Most of the people do not pay attention to the way they sit, bend or stand. Yoga That Help Your Posture When you are working on the computer or driving for long period of time, you should maintain proper posture to prevent unnecessary aches and pains. Certain yoga exercises help to improve your posture. You have to work on them persistently and consistently for permanent relief.

Yoga Exercises that help your Posture

The Cobra Pose

The Cobra Pose makes your spine supple and strong. It prevents lower back pain and it helps you to work in a standing position without making you feel tired. To perform this exercise, lie down on your stomach on a firm mattress. Place your arms along the sides. Take a deep breath and slowly raise your chin, head and shoulders, simultaneously move your arms and bring your hands close to the chest. Lift your torso till the chest and tilt your head backwards, fix your gaze above. Stay in this position for 3-5 seconds. Exhale and slowly come back to starting position. Repeat to complete at least three rounds of Cobra Pose to improve your posture. Gradually increase the holding time to 10 seconds. cobra pose

The Bridge Pose

The Bridge pose strengthens your shoulders and it improves flexibility in the chest. You are able to maintain an upright posture while working on the desk with regular practice of this pose. It also strengthens the pelvic muscles which support the spine. To perform this pose, lie down on your back on a firm mattress. Fold your legs at the knees and bring your feet close to the buttocks. Hold your ankles with your hands take a deep breath and lift your pelvis towards the ceiling. Your weight will rest on the shoulders. Fix your gaze on the navel, hold the pose for 5 seconds. Slowly come back to starting position while exhaling. Do three rounds of the Bridge Pose daily and increase the holding time to 10-15 seconds. The Bridge Pose

Chin Lock

Chin lock exercise helps to strengthen the neck muscles which get strained after working on the computer for long hours. You can perform this exercise in sitting or standing position at any time of the day. You can do it in between your work to relax and invigorate your tired muscles. To perform this exercise, sit down in Vajra Asana on a firm mattress. Inhale and bend your neck down while exhaling. Bring your chin as close to the chest as you can and stay in this position for 15 seconds while holding the breath. Inhale and lift your chin up and bend your head backwards as far back as you can. Again hold the pose for 15 seconds and come back to starting position. Repeat to complete three rounds of Chin Lock to improve your posture. chin lock

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Stretching Exercises

Yoga stretching exercises also help to improve your posture. These exercises increase the flexibility and mobility of the spine. streching yoga

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