Importance Of Breathing In Yoga

importance of yoga breathingProper breathing in yoga is one of the Eight Disciplines of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga). Breathing is a natural process. You are breathing all the time, but you start breathing the wrong way as you grow up.

It happens by way of acquiring a wrong posture while crouching, slouching or bending. Improper posture makes the breath short and restricted and it constricts the supply of oxygen in the body.

Breathing in the wrong manner has a bad effect on your health. You can suffer from heart ailments, brain problems and respiratory diseases. Yoga emphasizes on the Importance of proper Breathing, better known as Pranayama for various reasons.

Importance of Breathing in Yoga

Improves Stamina and Energy

Breathing in yoga improves the supply of oxygen by expanding your lung capacity. An improved oxygen supply helps to build your stamina and you feel energetic throughout the day.

While deep inhaling you have to expand your abdominal muscles, this practice helps to strengthen the abdomen and the spine. A strong spine helps you to maintain correct posture and it relieves back related problems.

Removes all Toxins from the Body

Every cell in the body needs oxygen and lack of oxygen let toxins to build in the body, which further reduces your vitality. Breathing in yoga helps to remove all toxins from the body and it builds healthy cells. It improves blood circulation and it stimulates all body functions.

Builds Immunity

Shallow breathing causes premature ageing, reduced immunity and you become susceptible to various diseases. Yoga breathing helps to build your resistance power by purifying the blood. Your vital organs function to their full capacity with regular practice of yoga breathing.

Rejuvenates Skin

Increased oxygen supply and improved blood circulation help to rejuvenate the texture of your skin.

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Your skin gains colour and start to glow as all the toxins are removed from the body. Yoga breathing is extremely helpful to maintain a healthy skin.

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Unites Body and Mind

With regular practise of yoga breathing you can gain control over your mind and body. It improves your concentration power and you are able to focus on your task.

Yoga breathing helps you in practising meditation, which provides you the strength to control your senses and which is an important part of Ashtanga Yoga.

Prevents Various Types of Ailments

Today’s sedentary lifestyle has made people prone to various ailments. People are mostly working indoors under artificial lights and are exposed to various kinds of pollution that emanate from electronic equipments. Lack of proper oxygen supply in the body makes them feel tired and fatigued.

Shallow breathing can cause stress, high blood pressure, mental disorder, heart ailments and respiratory problems. Breathing in yoga is important to protect one from all these ailments.

Yoga breathing is important for old people, as it helps to prevent dementia and clogged arteries.

Helps to Lose Weight

Breathing in yoga helps to burn calories and lose weight. You abdominal muscles are strengthened with consistent inhaling and exhaling. It gives you a taut and firm abdomen. Yogic breathing improves flexibility of muscles and it is important for bone health.

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