14 Ways To Prevent And Get Rid Of A Headache

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, most people experience excruciating pain in the head, ranging from mild to moderate to severely intense. To fathom the cause of the unbearable pain becomes a big headache for most sufferers and they are at their wit’s end unable to figure a way out to alleviate the pain.


Understanding the cause for these triggers, along with a few life style changes help ease the pain quickly and help in being productive, instead of making one feel powerless and incompetent.

Types Of Headaches

Every head has its own headaches with different types from migraine, sinusitis tension and depression headaches. Depending upon the type of headache there are numerous options that may help prevent and relieve pain.

Tips To Prevent And Get Rid Of A Headache

Avoid Stimulants

Eliminating stimulants like wine, soda, alcohol and caffeine along with foods loaded with foods loaded with high sugar content help prevent headaches.

avoid stimulants

Vitamin Enriched Meals

Regardless of the type of headache, a detox vitamin-rich diet help remove the unwanted toxins in the body thereby preventing the onset of headaches.

vitamins enrcihed meals

Regular Exercise

A regular exercise regimen promotes a healthy circulatory system and releases endorphins, a type of chemical, that help the body to relax.


Good Posture

A major factor for headache triggers are slumping, slouching and working long hours on the computer. These tighten the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints around the shoulders and neck region, causing tension headaches. Hence, maintaining a good posture can go a long way in preventing headaches.

good posture

Heating Pad

Application of moist heat with a heating pad is another option for easing the irksome pain.

Heating Pad

PMS And Zinc

Prior to their menstrual cycle most women experience throbbing pain behind the eyes, often culminating into intense headaches. During these disturbing times, taking lean proteins and meats enriched with zinc may do a lot of good.

PMS and Zinc

Lack Of Sleep

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle with sufficient sleep and taking proper nutritious meals act as stress-busters and prevent headaches.

lack of sleep

Professional Massage

A good professional massage in the scalp, shoulder and neck areas relieve the taut muscles and gives immense relief.

Professional Massage

Regular Meals

Avoid headaches caused by hunger pangs by taking quick bites at regular intervals in small portions. Taking regular meals and avoiding skipping of meals prevent headaches.

Regular Meals

Stay Hydrated

Drinking eight glasses of water per day keeps the body well hydrated and cool, maintaining comfortable levels of body temperature.

stay hydrated

Ice Packs

Icepacks have the ability to terminate pain in any part of the body, headaches being no exception. Treat tension headaches by keeping icepacks on areas of pain like the forehead temples and neck.

ice packs

Avoid Certain Foods

At times, certain foods trigger an uncomfortable headache. This is especially the case with people suffering from migraines. Therefore determining the source of the pain and eliminating certain foods from the diet, after consultation with a physician might help.

avoid certain foods

Relaxing Activities

Another excellent method to battle stress related headaches is to engage in relaxing activities like meditation yoga aromatherapy, acupuncture and tai chi for the tranquillity of both the body and mind.

Relaxing Activities

Avoid Certain Medications

Certain medications, hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills are often linked to one of the major causes of headaches. Discontinuation of these medications, in consultation with your medical practitioner, might provide great relief from this type of headaches.

Avoid Certain Medications

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