Top Acupressure Tips For Weight Loss

Weight LossThere are so many varieties of treatments available for losing weight. You have innumerable types of surgeries, cosmetic treatments, diet recommendations, aroma therapies and so on. These treatments are very expensive and are not totally permanent in nature.

Even if you lose weight considerable, it will pile back on your body after a couple of months. So a new form of treatment is gaining popularity many people. This is known as acupuncture or acupressure treatment. It involves applying pressure to some vital points in your body. So read on and see for yourself how you can gain from it.

List Of Acupressure Tips

Acupressure At The Ear Tips

This technique will help you in controlling your appetite. It has been demonstrated by several reports that almost ninety percent of the weight gain problems arise because of overeating.

Ear Acupressure

You tend to overeat when you do not understand how much your body will be able to consume. Locate the soft ear lobes of your ear, known as the appetite control point and constantly apply pressure on this area for say three minutes. Your hunger will be in your control.

Apply Pressure On Your Ankles

This is located right above your ankle bone on the inside of your leg. If you cannot find it locate the centre of your ankle bone. Apply pressure on this point with your knuckles and thumb for three minutes. Expectant mothers should avoid this tip.

Acupressure To Control Digestion

Move your fingers keeping 4-finger-width down your knee cap. Then run your fingers towards the outer side of your leg keeping 1-finger-width off your shin bone.

Acupressure To Control Digestion

Now you can flex your foot and feel the muscle moving if you have arrived at the right spot. Apply mild pressure for a minute. This will help in nourishing the blood and improving the digestive tract.

Acupressure For Your Large Intestines

Large intestines help the body in cleaning off its waste products. When the body loses it waste matters smoothly, it also helps in losing weight easily.

Acupressure For Your Large Intestines

You need to hold your elbow and run your fingers keeping a thumb-width from the elbow joint towards the inner region of your elbow. Begin with the left arm and use the right thumb to apply some pressure for about a minute. This is to be repeated on the right arm.

Acupressure For Your Spleen

Spleen is an important part of the human body. You can apply pressure on this part too. You need to run your finger in the inside portion of your leg till it passes the shin bone. Then run your finger upwards about 1 inch along your shinbone towards the knee.

Acupressure For Your Spleen

The fingers should rest on a naturally empty cavity, which is the rounded part atop your leg. This tip will help in metabolizing the water requirement of your body.
All the tips mentioned above must be performed under a practitioner. Acupressure applied on vital points need to have the right pressure level as it could turn fatal if gone wrong. You must realize that you are working on your pressure points.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.