Top 15 Interesting Health Benefits Of Mustard Seeds

Health Benefits Of Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are being used since 5000 years and are known to have several health benefits. They have high doses of nutrients, fewer calories, and lots of antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. Mustard seeds are available in three different varieties: white mustard, black mustard, and brown mustard. They are often included in cooking to impart a rich taste to the food. Mustard seeds are also available in the powdered form and mustard oil is often used for cooking. The major reason for using mustard seeds is due to its vast medicinal properties and health benefits.

Below Is The List Of The Top 15 Health Benefits Of Mustard Seeds:

Helps Control Asthma Symptoms:

Mustard seeds contain good amounts of selenium and magnesium. Both these amazing components have great anti-inflammatory properties. When consumed regularly, mustard seeds help control the symptoms of asthma, chest congestion, and cold.

Prevents Asthma

Protects From Gastrointestinal Cancer:

Mustard seeds are innately packed with a bunch of phytonutrients and help in preventing and slowing down the progression of gastrointestinal cancer. Few studies have revealed that mustard seeds contain few compounds that are helpful in inhibiting the growth of the already existing cancer-causing cells and prevent the formation of new cancerous cells.

Good for Gastrointestinal Health

Aids In Weight Loss:

Mustard seeds contain B-complex vitamins such as thiamine, folate, riboflavin, niacin etc. They have amazing components that help in speeding up the metabolism of the body, thus helping in weight loss.

Faulty weight loss programs

Relieves Arthritis And Muscle Pain:

Mustard seeds have a high dose of magnesium and selenium that possess anti-inflammatory and heat inducing properties. When applied topically, mustard seeds paste heats up your body and helps loosen the muscles which help provide relief from muscle pain and arthritis pain.


Helps Stimulate Hair Growth:

Mustard oil which is extracted from mustard seeds is used for stimulating hair growth. It contains a great dose of minerals and vitamins and contains high amounts of beta-carotene. During the production of mustard oil, beta-carotene will be converted into vitamin A that is helpful in rejuvenating your hair growth. Also, the mustard oil contains fatty acids, magnesium, iron, and calcium that are helpful in promoting hair growth.

Hair Growth

Helps Reduce Cholesterol:

Mustard seeds contain healthy amounts of vitamin B3 or niacin. Also, niacin has compounds that are helpful in reducing the cholesterol levels and protecting the arteries from the plaque buildup which can otherwise lead to atherosclerosis. It even helps regulate blood pressure and prevents hypertension.

Lowers Cholesterol

Slows Down Aging:

Mustard seeds contain antioxidant and flavonoid compounds such as lutein, beta-carotene, and zeaxanthin apart from vitamin A, C, and K. All these compounds in the mustard seeds make them rich in antioxidants, thus slowing down the signs of aging.


Boosts Immunity:

Mustard seeds have a great dose of minerals and vitamins such as copper, manganese, iron etc. that play a vital role in boosting your body’s ability to combat diseases.

Improve Stamina And Immunity

Helps Relieve Constipation:

Mustard seeds contain a mucilage substance that helps relieve constipation. Also, mustard seeds contain good amounts of fiber and a diet rich in fiber helps in relieving constipation.


Combats Skin Infections:

Mustard seeds contain a good dose of sulfur and it helps keep skin infections at bay. The antibacterial and antifungal properties in mustard seeds help combat several skin ailments.

Skin Itching

For A Migraine:

Migraine headaches occur due to several reasons and one of them could be due to the lack of magnesium in the diet. Mustard seeds contain a good dose of magnesium. Consuming a fair amount of mustard seeds daily can help increase the magnesium content in the body. Also, omega 3s is associated in healing migraine headaches.

Removes Migraines and Headaches

For Psoriasis:

Mustard seeds play a vital role in treating psoriasis. Few studies have mentioned that psoriasis is helpful in treating inflammation and lesions associated with psoriasis. According to the study, including mustard seeds in the diet energizes the ability of the good enzymes that help in protecting and treating such diseases.

Psoriasis Remedy

For Cardiovascular Health:

Mustard oil which is extracted from the mustard seeds is a great choice when it comes to choosing your cooking oil. Few studies have revealed that mustard oil has shown great effects on the patients who had heart disorders. Mustard oil has cardio-protective compounds and this is due to the presence of potent omega 3s in it.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Help In Cleansing The Body:

Mustard seeds contain compounds that help cleanse the body. A decoction made using mustard seeds helps in cleansing the body and it even works amazingly in protecting the body from the effects of poison as well as over consumption of alcohol.

Cleanses The Body Of Toxins

Helps Treat Ringworms:

Mustard seeds contain anti-bacterial properties that help treat lesions caused due to ringworm. Topically apply mustard seeds paste on the lesions and clean it off with warm water as it helps in reducing the signs and symptoms of the ringworms.
Treats Ringworms

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