11 Foods To Keep Your Lungs Healthy And Fit

Foods To Keep Your Lungs Healthy And Fit

Lungs are most vital organs of a human body. Special care needs to be taken to protect the lungs to ensure healthy body. Make sure to keep your lungs Healthy and fit as they work continuously. Healthy Lungs are essential for ensuring proper breathing. Lungs help inhales oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Oxygen is importance for our survival as it is the fuel of the human body. If we do not care proper care of lungs, it is very difficult to exist in the current days of polluted environment.

Here, We Are Sharing With You The List Of Foods That Are Essential For The Proper Functioning Of Lungs:

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are very helpful in ensuring you with fit and healthy lungs. Loaded with nutrients and fiber, these foods offer you various benefits. These foods help you in removing the toxins from lungs. Cabbages, broccolis, cauliflowers come under these category of foods. These foods are loaded with chlorophyll. Anti-oxidants contained in these foods play major role in ensuring you with healthy lungs. Considering a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables is a natural way of defense against various kinds of lung problems.

Take Cruciferous Vegetables


Garlic is not only great for your heart; it is also very helpful for your lungs. Garlic is rich source of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Thus it ensures to protect your lungs from inflammation and infections. It also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels.



Onion is rich source of medicinal values. It is highly effective in curing various kinds of health disorders. In the same way, it works great in protecting your lungs from various health problems. Onion when added to your diet on regular basis, you will be relieved from various lung problems and shortage of breath. Onion is very effective in decreasing the congestion of lungs. Onions have the ability to strengthen your lungs.

Onions (2)


Pomegranate plays a major role in keeping your lungs healthy and fit. It is a rich source of antioxidants. It contains ellagic acid which is very helpful in halting the progression of lung cancer. Regular intake of pomegranate juice helps in maintaining healthy lungs.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you consider adding apple to your diet regularly, you will be protected from being affected to various lung disorders. Apple is a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin C and flavonoids. These play a major role in helping proper functioning of lungs. It has been revealed in several researches that people who consume apples regularly are having healthier lungs.

Apples (2)


Carrots are loaded with vitamin C, vitamin A and lycopene. All these are effective in ensuring you with healthy lungs. These properties of carrots act as antioxidant agents and thus help in decreasing the chances of being affected to lung diseases. Carrots play an important role in promoting the health of your lungs. Having carrot juice on regular basis helps you in preventing any ailments related to the functioning of lungs. Ensure to include at least few carrots in your diet. This helps to reduce the chances of being affected to lung cancer.



Pumpkin offers numerous benefits to your body. Pumpkins are highly effective in promoting your lungs health. Beta-cryptoxanthin is rich in pumpkin and thus pumpkin helps in keeping the lungs open. It also works against the risk of developing lung cancer. Regular consumption of pumpkin works as a defensive agent against various lung problems.



Ginger is loaded with various medicinal and therapeutic properties. Ginger plays a major role in ensuring proper functioning of your lungs. People who consume ginger on regular basis are blessed with healthy lungs. Ginger is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help in eliminating various pollutants out of the lungs.

The Ginger Remedy


Lungs are the vital breathing organs of the human body. Beans are highly effective in keeping your lungs healthy. Beans are rich in magnesium. Magnesium is vital for healthy functioning of lungs. Beans are also rich in vital fatty acids. Beans act as an anti-oxidant agent and protect your lungs form free radicals

French Beans


Walnuts are one of the best options to combat lung problems. These are excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming walnuts on regular basis helps in proper functioning of lungs. It is also highly effective in dealing with various respiratory ailments.

Walnuts (2)


Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin B. This vitamin plays a major role in protecting lung health. Regular intake of spinach helps in combating various lung problems. You can also prefer eating spinach soup or spinach salad to enjoy the benefits of spinach for lung health.

Spinach (2)

You have to take proper care of lungs as these are important breathing organs of the body. Prevention is better than cure. Consider to add the foods to your diet that are helpful in keeping the lungs healthy and fit. Hope, this article is helpful and informative.

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