The Best Vitamins For Men

vitamins for men's healthThough on a whole, both men and women require almost all vitamins and minerals in adequate quantities to remain healthy, there are a few vitamins and minerals that are specific to the gender due to the unique properties of their body.

While women require more iron, calcium and magnesium to keep their bones strong and prevent them from anaemia, men have other set of requirements.
Read on to understand and know more about vitamins for men.

Vitamins for Men

B- complex

B-complex is a set of B vitamins that are required for the proper function of the body. The vitamins in this group are involved in the production of energy from the food that we consume. They also help in the regulation and stimulation of all parts of the body and keep them in good working condition.

The glucose in the body is converted to energy by B complex vitamins and the adrenal gland function is adequately regulated so that the nervous system too keeps functioning in optimum condition. B complex is also good for glowing and younger looking skin in men and aids in the digestion process as well keeping you free from all kinds of disorders of the body.

Vitamin A

A protector of the eyes from all kinds of disorders which are age related and otherwise, vitamin A is also an antioxidant of sorts, protecting the body from all kinds of free radical damage and toxins that we consume and are exposed to on a daily basis. Thus, it acts as an immune system developer and aids in cell development as well, preventing cancers of the body.

Vitamins For Men

Vitamin D and Calcium

As you age, the bones in your body starts deteriorating and it is at this stage that you realise that you should have consumed more calcium and vitamin D enriched food to combat loss of bone mass. Vitamin D is essential for developing stronger and long lasting bones that prevents it from becoming brittle and weak as you age.

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However, bone health is not just dependent on vitamin D but also on calcium. Vitamin D helps in balancing and absorbing calcium in the right quantity. Intake of calcium and vitamin D is therefore very important during the growing up years. Vitamin D is also helpful in fighting prostate cancer which all men are susceptible to after the age of 50.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C too has antioxidant qualities and help in keeping the body free from free radical damage that can lead to cancer. In men, vitamin C comes to have more importance as it is used for treating prostate infections as well.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps in developing strength of the muscles by regulating oxidation. It is essential for preventing muscle weakness and muscular dystrophy.


Along with these vitamins, men also require certain minerals like zinc which is required for reproductive health. Iron and calcium is needed only is low quantities as it can lead to prostate cancer and heart disease if taken in overdose.

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