Tips For Choosing The Best Multivitamins For Women

Women toil more than men and are expected to be super performers whether it is at work, home or tending to the kids. Most new age mothers are in a rat race, trying to juggle their time effectively between work and family demands and most often they either do not have time or ignore their need for proper nourishment of the body. After a certain age, their immunity declines and many of them fall for lifestyle diseases that can be life threatening at times.

multivitamins for women

Intake of multivitamins can help women stay healthy as they provide all the essential nutrients through supplements. The essential vitamins that women mostly require are iron, folates, vitamin C, Vitamin D etc. apart from other vitamins that are required in lesser quantities. However, choosing the right multivitamin supplements can be tricky and requires a bit of research before you go ahead.

How to Choose the Right Multivitamin for Women

Look For All Essential Vitamins

While choosing the best multivitamin supplement, you must ensure that your 100 percent daily vitamin requirements are adequately met. This would mean that all the major vitamins like Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, E, D and C along with folic acid are present in the daily dosage. It must also contain small amounts of the other vitamins that are essential for the body is smaller quantities. This will ensure that you get the best benefit out of taking multivitamin supplements.

Essential Vitamins

Look For Mineral Content

When you choose a multivitamin tablet, it is also essential that the right minerals too are present in adequate quantities. A woman’s body require many minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus etc. for proper development and function of the body. Iron is a major part of all women’s mineral needs as anaemia is a common occurrence in most women due to menstruation and other problems.

Importance of minerals increases when a woman is pregnant as well. While buying multivitamins ensure that the major minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium are present in the tablets. They may not be available in 100 percent quantities, but they must still be present at least in small amounts.

Look for Mineral Content

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Check Labels For Vitamin A

It is also important to check that multivitamin tablets do not contain certain vitamins and minerals that are not naturally produced. High in the list is vitamin A and iron. Vitamin A that is present in most multivitamins is synthetically produced and hence has many side effects. Avoid tablets with vitamin A altogether. Similarly, multivitamins with iron are required only for women who are in their menopausal stage and can cause adverse reactions if other women take them.

Check Labels for Vitamin A


Age is very important while you choose a multivitamin for yourself. Women in different age groups have varying requirements and dosages and hence taken very seriously. Pre menopausal women must look for multivitamins with iron and women above 50 require more vitamin B12. Women who have had their menopause must look for multivitamins with calcium etc.


Safety Standards

This is very important as there are many multivitamins that contain excess quantities than the recommended daily intake. Look for labels and approvals of USP, NNFA, NSF International etc.

safety standards

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