Numerous Advantages Of A Steam Sauna

steam sauna advantagesSauna is a small enclosure that is filled with mist or steam. Steam Sauna is an ancient tradition where people would gather to relax their muscles and joints. Now it is being used in spas, yoga centres, fitness centres and even at personal residences for relaxation and various medical benefits.

Steam sauna is also used as an alternative therapy to cure various ailments.

In a steam sauna the temperature is generally maintained at 44 degree C to make the body sweat. It also depends on person to person as to how much heat one can tolerate. A Steam Sauna has many advantages that are related to your health and beauty.

Numerous Advantages Of a Steam Sauna

Strengthens the Immune System

Steam sauna helps to strengthen your immune system by increasing your resistance power. When the body is exposed to steam your internal organs especially your immune system are activated in order to fight the heat. It makes you more resistant to exposure and hence your chances of catching cold and flu are reduced.

Corrects Respiratory Disorders

The warm air and steam in a sauna help to melt mucous and phlegm that is accumulated in the respiratory tract. The phlegm gets expelled and makes breathing easier. A steam sauna is extremely beneficial in treating respiratory problems like sinusitis, bronchitis and other lung infections.

Helps to Lose Weight

A steam sauna when combined with a physical exercise regime can help to lose weight faster. You can manage to burn several hundred calories in a single steam sauna session. The heat in a steam sauna increases the heart rate that helps to give you the benefit of brisk walk.

Reduces Stress and Help you to Relax

A steam sauna is the best way to relax and recharge your batteries. It reduces stress and helps you to sleep better. When you relax in a steam sauna all the stiffness from your tired muscles is removed and you are rejuvenated.

Relieves Joint Pains and Arthritis

A steam sauna improves blood circulation and helps provide more oxygen and nutrients to aching joints. This is the best alternative therapy to treat arthritis.

Detoxifies the Body

Steam sauna activates the sweat glands and when you perspire the skin pores are opened to release all the impurities from the skin. It is better than normal hot water bath. The skin is cleansed and all the dirt, grime and dead cells are washed out by steam sauna. Your skin starts glowing and shining. Steam sauna helps to cure acne and black heads.


Certain precaution must be taken before going in for steam sauna. You should not spend more than 15-20 minutes in a steam sauna. If you start feeling hot or dizzy leave immediately and get medical help. Drink lots of water to keep yourself well hydrated before and after a session of steam sauna.

People who are suffering from heart problem or hyper tension and pregnant women should take medical opinion before rushing to a steam sauna.

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