5 Natural Cures To Kidney Diseases

Kidneys play an important role in the functioning of the body. They are bean shaped organs located near the middle of the back. The kidneys contain million tiny structures called nephrons which filter the blood and eliminate waste products and excess water as urine.


The urine passes through tubes known as ureters to the bladder where it is stored until it is passed out of the body. The kidneys also control the blood pressure and stimulate the manufacture of red blood cells. Most kidney diseases attack the nephrons which are then unable to filter the blood and remove wastes.

There is burning sensation while urinating, the face and feet get swollen, puffiness occurs around the eyes and there is pain in the back just below the ribs. Other symptoms of kidney malfunction are high blood pressure, stones and cysts. Kidney diseases mainly occur due to diabetes, injury to the kidneys, infections, immune system conditions and chronic viral illnesses.

Natural Ways to Cure Kidney Diseases


Water is a natural remedy which takes care of many body ailments and dysfunctions. People having kidney problems should drink nine to ten glasses of water throughout the day. Water flushes out all the toxins and wastes from the kidneys. It rinses the kidneys thoroughly of all infection and pushes the bacteria and germs out in the urine.



Dandelion a common garden weed has many medicinal properties which help in curing a number of diseases and aliments. It is rich in oxalates which helps in decalcification and protects the kidneys from calcium oxalate kidney stones. It has diuretic properties which flush out the toxins and excess fluids that collect in the ankles and feet and reduces their swelling.


Eat fresh dandelion greens with salads everyday. You can also make dandelion tea by steeping two teaspoons of dried dandelion in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes. Strain the infusion and drink three cups daily.



Potato is the most natural and effective remedy for kidney problems. Potatoes are packed with minerals and vitamins which are essential for proper body functioning and to keep it strong and healthy. They are low in calories and potassium and contain lots of sodium. Potatoes maintain the salt level in the kidneys and prevent its excessive secretion from the kidneys. They alkalize the mucous membranes and force the bacteria to be passed out in urine. Eat potatoes with the peel daily to gain maximum benefit of its nutrients.


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Papaya Seeds

Papaya seeds have potent medicinal values that are very beneficial for kidney diseases. They have antibacterial properties which protect the kidneys from toxin induced failure. Papaya seeds are very pungent and peppery so they should be eaten in salads everyday or you can be blend them with the papaya pulp and drink as juice.

papaya seeds


Lemon juice is essential for proper kidney function. It is full of antioxidants and bioflavonoids which flush out toxins from the kidneys and maintain their health. Lemon juice also acts as an electrolyte which is critical for nerve and muscle function. Squeeze the juice of one lemon in a glass of water and add sugar to it. Drink this mixture three times daily. The burning sensation felt while urinating will abate quickly.


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