Home Remedies For Kidney Pain

Pain in the kidneys can be associated with a number of diseases. However, the most common reasons for kidney pain are kidney stones, kidney infection, severe urinary tract infection etc. As kidney is an important organ that aids in optimum excretion of toxic waste from the body, kidney pain and the underlying infection cannot be treated lightly.

Kidney Pain

Several home remedies can be employed for treating kidney pain as well as the infection that causes it. Discussed below are a few of them that can be tried. However, given the fact that kidneys are important organs whose failure can put your life at risk, it is also recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible if there is no relief and the pain is chronic and persistent.

Tips To Cure Kidney Pain Naturally


All kinds of kidney disorders start from lack of insufficient water intake. In the case of kidney stones, it is due to lack of sufficient water intake that the calcium and uric acids stones harden and cause obstruction. Water encourages proper urine flow and through the urine, the toxic waste and mineral matter is removed, thereby eliminating any chances of stone formation that can lead to intense pain.

Lack of adequate water intake will also lead to reduced urine flow and this will lead to urinary infections and resultant kidney infections and pain, which can be dangerous for the person. At least two litres of water is necessary for the proper functioning of the excretory system and also for adequate elimination of bacteria and toxins that can cause kidney pain.

Drink More Water

Warm Compress

Using a warm compress is an excellent way to reduce the kidney pain in a few minutes. For this, you can use a heat pad or soak a cotton towel in hot water and apply on the back, where the pain is the worst. A warm compress can also be utilized as a hot shower where you can allow hot water to trickle down your back to reduce the pain.

A warm soak can be done by filling your tub with warm water and soaking your body in it for half an hour. Though a warm compress will reduce the pain considerably, it is important to seek medical help if the symptoms persist.

Hot water

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great home remedy for treating as well as preventing pain related to stone formations in the kidney. Lemon is acidic and the citric acid that is present in lemon is known to melt stones and also prevent further stone formations as well.

As lemon also has antibacterial properties, it can also eliminate bacteria that could lead to urinary tract infections and subsequently kidney infections that can be painful and life threatening. Take at least one glass of warm lemon juice every day morning. It is best to drink the juice of lemon without water if that is possible.

Lemon juice


The fibrous tissues found in the exterior of corns often defy our attention and we normally throw them away considering them as useless. But they are great treatments for urinary tract infections and resultant kidney pain if the infection has spread to the kidney areas.

Cornsilk tablets are available for treatment. For preparing a tea with cornsilk, take the silk of at least two corns and add them to one cup of water. Bring to boiling point and steep for ten minutes. This can be taken twice a day to control the infection and resultant pain.



Another home remedy that can be used for treating kidney pain is parsley. Parsley too is a diuretic and can help remove toxic waste that could be causing the kidney pain. Parsley is used for edema and also for eliminating stones that can cause severe kidney pain. The leafy vegetable is also used extensively for the removal of uric acid from the body, which has a tendency to crystallize and cause problems like gout and bladder stones.

Other acid metabolites that can cause kidney infections and stones and cause pain too can be removed with the use of parsley. It can be added to your diet or a tea can be prepared from the fresh leaves and taken twice daily. Just like any other diuretic, parsley too can cause dehydration and hence one must include plenty of fluids in the diet to combat dehydration.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is widely used for removing stones that are stuck in the urinary tract naturally and relieving the excruciating pain. Olive oil helps in giving a coat around the urinary tract and this helps in the stones slipping through with less pain and discomfort.

For making a healing remedy, take 1/4th cup of virgin olive oil and add equal amounts of lemon juice to this. Drink this first thing in the morning. The lemon juice will melt and soften the stones and the olive oil will allow it to slide out easily. The procedure has to be repeated several days until the stones are easily removed and the pain subsides.

Olive Oil

Lady fingers

Ladyfingers are known to be kidney friendly vegetables and are used for treating several kidney related ailments without the help of medications. Take three ladyfingers that are slightly raw and cut them into smaller pieces. Soak them in two litres of drinking water and leave it overnight. In the morning, the ladyfingers can be squeezed and the juice removed and this mucilaginous water can be taken within two three hours. This is known to be a great way to relieve kidney stones and infections and also subside the pain as well.

Lady Finger

Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is a cleansing agent and helps in detoxifying the kidneys and relieving one of the pain caused by infections and stones that are harbored in the kidneys. Dandelion tea can be prepared by adding one teaspoon of the dandelion root powder or leaves to one cup of boiling hot water and allowing the infusion to remain for fifteen minutes before taking it twice a day.

Tea bags can be purchased readymade for this treatment. Dandelion tea will also act as a diuretic and encourage the flow of urine through which the toxins too will be eliminated.

Dandelion Tea

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.