7 Natural Cure For Heel Spurs

Heel spurs is a painful condition which occurs due to the repetitive irritation and inflammation of the thick ligament, present at the bottom of the feet called plantar fascia.

Heel Spurs

This connects both the heel and toes base. The tension in it is produced due to the absorption of shock of impact. It occurs near joints, especially in your feet, hips and back which actually bears weight.

Top Way To Cure For Heel Spurs Naturally

Do Stretching Exercises

Stretching of the plantar fascia could help to reduce the inflammation in the patient’s heel that is actually caused by spurs. It can be done by doing regular stretching exercises with foot like rolling a tennis ball, or golf ball on arch of foot.

Streching Exercises

Do Massage

The sensation of pain in the foot could be highly reduced by doing regular massage of affected muscles. It is better to use natural oil for massage like Aloe-Vera or olive oil, which actually helps in moisturisation of skin, as soon as you rub these oils over the skin.

Foot Massage

Soak Feet

One should prefer to soak his/her feet in a tab of warm water, mixed with Epsom salts. Water with tea tree oil or small extracts of lavender can help you to sooth the aching heel and the muscles of foot, and in addition to all this it also help to reduce the level of pain to a great extent.

Bleach Soak

Use Orthotics

The plastic devices are inserted into the shoes in order to help as a supporting element, while positioning of feet during walking or when one is doing exercise. These plastic devices are called orthotics and are easily available at any sports store made by the podiatrist.


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Use Proper Footwear

The heel could be protected by using proper athletic shoes, which is quite more supportive and fit well with your feet. It protects the heel from sharp objects and hard pavements. Don’t walk in barefoot inside your house as well, so that it helps more to reduce pain and swelling, which is caused by the heel spurs.

Right Footwear

Icing Foot

The pain and swelling in the feet could be reduced a lot by doing regular icing over the affected area. It also reduces the burning sensation of the heel spurs.

One can also prefer to freeze a cup full of water and rolling it just under your foot. It can also be done by using soda bottle or small plastic bottle water. You shouldn’t put any additional stress over the plantar fascia.


Self-Care For Protection

The sufferer should not run for a longer distance. Tapping of the arch could be preferred for perfect foundation in order to decrease impact and stress over the band of delicate tissue and thus reduces the pain.

The pain associated with such condition is caused due to the irritation and inflammation over plantar fascia, so one should prefer to self care by resting the affected foot on an elevated height, which helps to avoid irritation in ligament and thus reduces swelling of tissue and of course reduces pain.

Feet Elevation

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.