Ways To Cure For Gynecomastia

Natural Cure For GynecomastiaGynecomastia is nothing but the abnormal growth in male breast just because of hormonal change, at the beginning of young age.

It occurs because of the swelling of the breast tissues in males which may happen because of genetic disorder or hormonal imbalance. This condition is not so dangerous, but causes pain due to the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone.

Top Ways to Cure Gynecomastia

Loss Weight

The major cause of breast enlargement in male body is none other than fatty tissue contained in the body. Thus, losing weight can reduce the risk of swelling condition and prevent breast enlargement. You should take care of your healthy habits, proper diet, and daily exercise.

Do Change Medication

One should take care about the medicines that are prescribed and observe if it has any side-effects. So if you found any side-effect, try any other medication in order to reduce the breast enlargement problem.

Gynecomastia Cure


Some of the medications like chemotherapy, valium, and tri-cyclic antidepressants are actually prescribed to those who are affected with HIV positive, but the worst point in it is that it also causes gynecomastia in some of the sufferers. So in order to avoid this side-effect, one should find out a new medication.

Wear Compression Garment

One could also go against the treatment action and thus they want to live with the existing condition. For such people, it is preferred to use garments which do compress the appearance of the breasts. It is generally worn under the clothing.

Watchful Waiting

The early step for the treatment of breast enlargement tissue in males is just by watching and waiting because in most of the time it gets resolves without any particular treatment for the teen agers.

It actually happens as soon as the hormone comes to the proper level. It could be observed as decrease in the swelling of the breast in a few weeks after the baby birth. A positive result can be seen in the infants in a few weeks, but takes a few years for it to completely flash it off through the balance of hormones.

Say NO to All Your Worries and Anxiety

The patient should also take care of the depression and anxiety, which is the root cause of gynecomastia. Thus the emotional conditions should be completely avoided so that it can’t affect masculinity. You can seek support from your family to get out of such stresses and feelings.

Do Physical Check Up

The sufferer should prefer to go to the physical adviser so that he could have a health check up on scheduling a physical exam that may result in contributing gynecomastia. The disorder of the internal system of the body like the improper working of the adrenal and pituitary glands should be noticed carefully and on that basis, particular treatment could be suggested and cared for that specific problem.


The liver or kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism could also cause enlargement of the male’s breast. So it is most necessary to examine first about what is actually creating the problem, and then the particular treatment step should be taken.

Say NO to Drugs and Alcohol

The sufferer should completely avoid drugs such as androgens, marijuana, steroids and heroin which actually cause gynecomastia. Alcohol should also be prevented for the sufferer.

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