Natural Cure For Colitis

Cure colitisColitis also known as, inflammatory bowel disease, is due to the inflammation of the colon. The colon or the large intestine stores the waste products of digestion.

It is made up of several inner layers. These layers with the help of water and electrolyte solidify the waste food into feces and push it to the end of the gastrointestinal system known as anus.

When the mucosal layer gets infected, inflammation occurs, causing pain, irregular bowel movement and diarrhea. If not treated, it can create ulcers on the lining of the colon. Drugs taken to treat colitis can be harmful and give only temporary relief.

After a brief respite it can recur again and again  thus becoming chronic. Diet plays a crucial role in the treatment of colitis. Refined sugars and flour, processed foods and very spicy foods should be strictly avoided. Chilies also irritate the colon.

Tips To Cure Colitis


Banana is an energy giving fruit. It is cheap and available round the year. It helps retain calcium, nitrogen and phosphorous which are necessary for building healthy tissues.

Cure colitis

Because of its soft and smooth texture, it is recommended in the treatment of intestinal maladies. Eat very ripe bananas at least three times a day. They prevent constipation as well as diarrhea. The pectin present in the bananas is water absorbent and gives bulk to the waste food.

Eat Protein Rich Diet

Proteins are essential for strengthening the muscular walls and ligaments which support the colon. A weak colon does not function properly. It retains the undigested food causing it to accumulate and stick to the walls of the colon.

Proteins are required to push the waste forward, to the end of the intestine. Legumes, fish and paneer and curd made from non fat milk contain digestible proteins. Drink a glass of whey at least three times a day. Whey can be obtained by churning fat free curd and adding water to it.

Water With Olive Oil

Take a glass of warm water. Stir in a teaspoon of olive oil. Drink twice daily. Olive oil smoothens and lubricates the lining of the colon. It loosens the waste matter sticking to it, reduces irritability and preserves its health. Warm water flushes out the refuse.

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Natural cure for colitis

Rice is easily digestible, low in fibre and has polyunsaturated fats. It has good amounts of proteins too. Boil half a cup of rice in more than the usual quantity of water. Boil till it is soft and mushy. Drain the rice and catch the water in a pan. Drink this water. You can add a pinch of salt if you want. To soothe the colon and relieve diarrhea, drink this gruel twice a day.

Abstain From Meat

Meat is difficult to digest. Moreover the digestion of meat is very slow. It remains undigested, in the stomach for a long time. Fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrition and easily digested.

Vitamin A derived from fruits and vegetables is essential for the mucous surface of the colon. The B group vitamins prevent stomach disorders and vitamin C is required for strengthening the blood vessels and connective tissue. Raw fruit and vegetables should be eaten as much as possible.

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