Mineral Oil For Pain Relief

Managing pain can be a challenging task and many of us resort to pain killers and other OTC drugs most of the time. The truth is that there are a number of pain management techniques that are completely natural and can be used at the comfort of your homes. Mineral oil is one method of treating pain and getting instant relief without the use of any medication.

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Ways To Use Mineral Oil For Pain Relief


Arthritic pain can be very debilitating and can tamper with your daily activities. Mineral oil can be used to alleviate the pain in such cases. Mineral oil alone may not be effective in such cases. You have to combine this treatment along with heat therapy for this. First apply mineral oil on the affected joint and massage gently for about 10-15 minutes.

After this, you can cover the area with a rubber sheet or a glove and dip the area in hot water for about 10-15 minutes. This will reduce the stiffness and also alleviate the pain. You may also use mineral oil in a tub of hot water and soak your body in it for 15-20 minutes for the same benefit. Mineral oil massage on your body before bath too can help relieve arthritic pain and stiffness.



Constipation damages the walls of your colon and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. In such cases, you can use mineral oil as a laxative. Intake of mineral oil will assist in the smooth passage of stools through the colon as the mineral oil forms a film around the stools, easing the movement without causing friction.

Mineral oil will also make the stool looser as it helps in retaining the moisture by forming the film. A herbalist must be consulted for the right dosage. Mineral oil must not be taken if you have acid reflux and have problems in swallowing as this can cause the oil to enter the lungs and lead to pneumonia.



Earaches and ear wax can also be removed with the help on mineral oil. It is mostly the build up of wax in the ear that causes a lot of pressure inside the ear and lead to pain. First remove the ear wax by putting a few drops of mineral oil into the ear overnight and allowing it to melt the ear wax. In the morning you can rinse the ear with warm water. Warm mineral oil and apply into the ear for soothing ear aches.


Skin Dryness

When the skin starts drying, which is especially severe in the winter and hot summer months, the skin will develop cracks and this can cause a lot of pain as well. Mineral oil can be used in such cases for moisturising the skin and also for removing the pain as well as irritation associated with it. Wash the dry area and pat dry before applying mineral oil. Massage the oil thoroughly into the skin so that the skin absorbs the moisture and the dryness will be removed.

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