Top Home Remedies For Bruise Pain

 Bruise PainBruises can happen to anyone and it mostly takes care of its own and within a few days your skin will be clear and will heal completely. However, some bruises can be large and can cause a lot of pain as well. Whilst some of us are able in bearing pain, there are others who cannot tolerate much pain. Here are some home remedies that can treat bruise pain.

Home Remedies For Bruise Pain

Cold Compress

A cold compress is almost always the first line treatment adopted at home for all kinds of bruises and pain relief. Take an ice cube and cover with a gauze. Apply on the bruise. The cold ice cube will numb the area and remove the pain, while removing the inflammation and swelling as well.  Leave the ice cube or ice pack on the bruise for 10 minutes and remove it. The procedure can be repeated many times a day.

Elevate The Area

Keeping the bruise elevated will help in reducing the swelling and also the pain associated with the bruise. When you elevate the area, the gravitational pull on the bruise is reduced and you feel better instantly.

Avoid Movement

Bruises need to be tended to with care so as to avoid pain and also to decrease the healing time. Be very careful while you move around so as to prevent bumping on your bruise and delaying the healing process. Movement can also increase the pain and hence must be avoided.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Bruise Pain

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Apple cider vinegar helps in the healing process and also helps in the regeneration of skin cells. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply on the bruised area. Secure o to the skin with a duct tape. You can apply more apple cider vinegar when the cotton ball dries. This will help in the fast healing of the bruise and will also clear the skin off the blemish.


A poultice or a warm compress can be prepared with arnica for treating bruise pain. Take one teaspoon of dried arnica flower and add eight ounces of boiling water. Apply on the bruise. This will help in reducing the pain and also inflammation. Make sure that you do not apply arnica if the skin is broken. Internal consumption should be done carefully to avoid side effects that can be life threatening.


Comfrey is extensively used for treating skin problems. A chemical present in comfrey known as allantoin helps in skin healing and repair. Comfrey applied externally for bruises and joint pain in known to relieve the pain up to 47 percent in most patients. Take comfrey leaves and roots and grind them to form a paste.

This can be used as a poultice for application on the bruise.  Alternatively, you may also apply an ointment that contains comfrey as an ingredient. Dried comfrey leaves are available online and also in food outlets. Comfrey tea is best avoided as it can cause liver problem.

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