6 Home Remedies For Muscle Spasms In The Neck

Home Remedies For Muscle Spasms In The Neck

Muscle spasms can be extremely painful and many of us are prone to such spasms all throughout our lives. Neck spasms are caused due to stress, poor posture and while lifting heavy loads. There are quite a few simple techniques that can be employed while getting a spasm so that the spasm can be controlled before it becomes worse.

Remedies For Muscle Spasms In The Neck

1. Apply Pressure

This is a simple method that can be done immediately after you feel the muscle spasm. Press the affected muscles with your palm or fingers and apply as much pressure as you can so that the spasm stops immediately. Massage the area with a firm pressure for 2-3 minutes or until the spasms are no longer felt.

Apply Pressure

2. Move Your Neck

When you feel the spasm, start moving your neck slowly from one side to the other. This moving action will shift the muscle spasm and help the muscles to concentrate on the moving action of the neck, rather than the spasm. Stretch you neck towards one side and hold for a few seconds and move on to the other side. This is a sure way to treat muscle spasms in the neck.

Move Your Neck

3. Hot Shower

When you have muscle spasms in the neck, a hot shower can help in treating the spasms effectively. Open the shower and direct the hot water towards the effected muscles. Allow the hot water to flow on the muscle for a few minutes until the spasm in the neck stops.

Hot Shower

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4. Warm Compress

Doing a warm compress helps in two ways. You get the benefit of applying pressure as well as heat on the affected muscles. This combined action is beneficial for treating all kinds of muscle spasms and also pain. Boil some water in a bowl and use a soft cotton cloth for soaking the water. Wring dry and apply on the affected muscle. Continue for 10- 15 minutes and repeat after some time if necessary.

Warm Compress

5. Neck Stretches

Gentle neck stretches are a great way to prevent neck muscles spasms and also for treating neck spasms. Rotate your neck in a circular motion towards both the sides while you are at work. Turn your head sideways and also up and down several times to retain its mobility and also to remove the tension on the neck. Doing this every hour will help you prevent neck spasms and also treat it. Remember not to do jerky movements.

Neck Stretches

6. Ergonomics

It is important to use a comfortable chair with an arm rest to give adequate support to your shoulders and arms so as to avoid neck spasms in the long run. The chair must be adjusted in such a way that the forearm must remain parallel to the desk. The arm rest too helps in keeping the shoulders relaxed so that neck spasms do not appear. It is important to keep your feet a little raised so that the back can be comfortably rested and you can sit all the way back in your chair.


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