5 Wonderful Foam Roller Exercise For The Neck

5 Wonderful Foam Roller Exercise For The Neck

Foam rollers are widely used for treatment, training and rehabilitation programs designed for varied problems associated with the neck. It is a very useful exercise equipment and is available in a variety of sizes. Foam roller exercises are often used for strengthening and stability exercises along with cervical stretching exercises. At times, it is also used for massaging. Regular use of foam rollers offer pain relief and helps in postural alignment. However, precaution must be taken if you are suffering from severe neck problems and do consult a medical practitioner before starting foam roller exercises. Consult a physiotherapist or a trainer who can monitor and supervise your training session. Regular practice however, will make you self-sufficient and you can effortlessly use this amazing exercise equipment at home.

Here Are 5 Wonderful Foam Roller Exercises For The Neck That You Can Try At Home:

1. Foam Roller Exercise For Back Of The Neck

Lie down on your back. Arrange the foam roller sideways and place it just beneath your neck. Slowly, lift your hips from the floor while keeping the head up and try to transfer the body weight to the neck muscles. Try to tilt your neck to the right or left to make sure that the foam roller is working on the neck muscle and not affecting the bones. If a certain spot on your neck feels sore, try to put some pressure on it. Hold on for a few moments but do not exceed a minute in this position. Relax slowly.

2. Cat Cow Exercise

To do the cat cow exercise, place the foam roller on a mat and hold it with both hands while you kneel down. Look towards your hips and slightly arch the upper back while contracting the abdominal muscles. Lift your head and hips and do it in reverse order. Complete a set of 10 and it will certainly take care of your neck with regular practice. However, make sure that you do not put a lot of strain on the lower back or your neck while doing the exercise.

Cat Cow Exercise

3. Lat Roll Out

Working on the computer for long hours often causes neck sprains and pain that can be treated with a foam roller exercise. The Lat Roll Out is particularly effective for the neck and shoulder. Lie down on a mat and turn sideways. Place the foam roller underneath the armpit. Try to keep your arms stretched on top. Gradually rock forward and backward offering gently pressure on the neck and shoulder. Slowly, bring the roller towards the back. Now try to roll it over towards your armpit and rib cage. Follow this exercise regime for effective treatment of neck pain.

4. Pecs Stretch

Place the foam roller straight underneath your spine. Slightly arch the lower back to give a width of about one finger between the floor and your back. Hold this position and slowly breathe in while bringing out your arms to the side of your body. Gradually, take your arms higher up over the head and feel your shoulder muscles stretching. Slowly breathe out while lowering the arms again and going back to the previous position. Repeat this set to get rid of problems associated with your neck. If you find it difficult to complete more sets at the beginning, do not force yourself. Regular practice will improve your endurance levels and you will soon be able to do it effectively.

Pecs Stretch

5. Thoracic Arch

The thoracic arch can also be practiced with a foam roller. Lie down on the mat and bend your knees. Place the foam roller horizontally at the arch formed by lifting your back slightly. Try to keep it at the center of your back. Breathe through your nose and let the diaphragm expand. Repeat it thrice. Continue this set moving the foam roller backwards or forward depending on where you feel greater relief for the neck.

Thoracic Arch

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