10 Natural Shaving Tips For Girls With Sensitive Skin

Natural Shaving Tips For Girls With Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is very light and delicate to handle. This type of skin needs to be pampered and the pH balance of the skin must always be considered while using the shaving products. Generally, sensitive skin is allergenic to may kind of products and can harm you in many ways. Thus the sensitive skin needs to be handled very smoothly while shaving. Generally shaving with razors and waxing strips can develop bumps, red boils and such irritating conditions. Also some women with sensitive skin may feel swelling and pain in the shaved area and thus, this is a very important aspect to consider. If you are always affected with such allergenic reactions or irritation for days after shaving, here are some cool tips which you can try for fighting such issues. These tips would help in getting your skin shaved without any irritation or side effects!

1. Wash With Cold Water And Rinse The Skin

The skin generally gets affected with dust, sweat and such conditions. If you have sweaty and dirty skin, first go for a bath and then shave your skin for best results. Before shaving, go for a cool bath and make your skin ready for shaving!

Wash With Cold Water And Rinse The Skin

2. Exfoliate Before Shaving

Exfoliating the skin before shaving it has numerous benefits. If you are not exfoliating the skin, the bumps, pores, impurities would get stuck in your razor and make the shaving more cumbersome. Instead, you must exfoliate the skin which would open up the pores, smoothen your legs and also fight the dirt and impurities. Shave after exfoliating the skin and it would become smooth and easy to shave! Applying pressure to shave the dirty skin with blades can cause bleeding and cuts and thus go for exfoliation and pamper your skin before shaving!

3. Apply Creamed Or Baby Oil For Smooth Shave

If you do not want to get affected with the bumps and wounds along with irritated skin, you must choose a cream of mild lotion while shaving. Also you can go for the shaving gels but if your sin is sensitive, these chemical based products can cause irritation on your skin. Thus apply the natural oils and creams while shaving to get more impactful and smooth shave without cuts and irritation!

4. Clean Your Blade

Blades are very important to choose and also thy play a very important role in shaving. Clean your blades else it can cause irritation and allergic reactions on your skin. You must clean your blades to get a hygienic shave regularly.

5. Choose A Moisturized And Smooth Blade

You need to go for a smooth and mild blade which won’t get your skin bleeding with a single swipe! Invest in good and smooth blades for a better impact and injury free shaving. There are amazing blades with aloe Vera gel and such coating which can make your skin more smooth and irritation free!

6. Shave In The Direction Of Hair Growth

If you think that shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growth would get you a smooth and quick shave, you are completely wrong! If you need to shave your sensitive skin, always go for the direction of hair growth. Reversing the shave direction can get you bumps and ingrown hair which can get very painful. Thus if you have sensitive skin, go in the hair direction and shave your skin for smoother and irritation free shave!

7. Shave Gently In The Most Comfortable And Lonely Space

If you would shave in a hurry there are chances that you can cut your skin and can lead to bleeding. Get into a comfortable space where you get the least distracted. Also be gentle on your skin as you have a sensitive skin which can get irritated quickly. Go for smooth strokes, have patience and shave slowly for a smooth finish and injury free shaving session!

Shave Gently In The Most Comfortable And Lonely Space

8. Rinse And Apply Lotion After Shaving

After shave care is extremely important for the one who have sensitive skin. If you have shaven your skin, you need to moisturize your skin and get it properly hydrated. Sensitive skin would require lots of moisturization and conditioning to stay youthful. Thus keep your skin hydrated with lotions after shaving and get smooth skin as never before!

Rinse And Apply Lotion After Shaving

9. Use The Natural Ingredients For Razor Bumps And Irritation

If you are affected with any infection or razor bumps, you can sue the natural ingredients to fight this. Avoid all the cosmetic and chemical based products to cure this issue. Get some Shea butter or oils to heal the cuts and bumps and this would also act as a relieving agent for inflammation.

Use The Natural Ingredients For Razor Bumps And Irritation

10. Apply Sun Screen Before Going To Sun

Generally it is suggested to stay away from sun and impurities soon after you shave. Also the sensitive skin can get allergies and burning sensation for these conditions. Thus if it’s urgent and you need to step out of your home, carry chemical free sun screen lotions to avoid the damage and irritation. Ste your sensitive skin free with this miraculous tip!

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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