6 Best Exercises For Neck Pain Relief

Exercises for Neck Pain Relief

Looks like somebody is having terrible neck pain! You surely need a quick fix for it. Yes, the herbal massages work but you can definitely get relief from the neck pain by just doing some simple exercises. Today we have listed the 6 Best Exercises for Neck Pain Relief. You must do these exercises to get some relief. We know how painful it is to have neck pain and so, the exercises mentioned in the list are safe to do and they do not put a lot of strain on your body. Take a look!

Here Are The 6 Best Exercises For Neck Pain Relief:

1. Up Down And Side By Side

This is a motion exercises. If you are getting older, this exercise requires very little efforts. You just need to sit with your back straight. First move your head up and down slowly then do a side to side movement. Repeat the up and down movement 7 times and the side by side movement at least 10 times. Try to touch your shoulder with your ears when you are doing side to side. Do it in a very relaxed way! No need to take strain.

2. A Relaxed Plank

This is not exactly a plank but looks exactly like a plank. You need to lie down on your tummy. Rest your head on a pillow. Now slowly raise your head. You need to raise it off the floor. Hold this position for about 20 seconds and then come down slowly. A plank requires you to hold the position with your body off the ground and only your toes and arms touching the floor. This will help you to relieve back pain. Make sure you repeat it 5-7 times. This is good for older people as that does not put much strain on your body.

A Relaxed Plank

3. The Sitting Floor Exercise

This exercise would require you to just sit on the floor. Your back should be against a wall and your feet should be hip width apart. Now pull the shoulder blades together. Now tighten the thighs and slowly pull the toes towards the back. You need your feet to be straight. Your head has to touch the wall. Hold this for at least 3 minutes.

The Sitting Floor Exercise

4. The Frog Exercise

Just start by lying on the floor. Keep your feet together but the knees should be apart. The palms should be up on the floor. Make sure they are 45 degrees from your body. Relax for about 2 minutes. The lower back will arch naturally off the floor. This will help you to get relief from the neck pain for sure.

The Frog Exercise

5. The Freeze Exercise

Freeze your back with your legs on the chair and your back on the ground. This will help to relieve pain and tension in your neck and shoulder. You legs should bend at the knees and the legs should be relaxed on the chair. Keep a wrapped towel under lower back for some cushioning. This will surely help  you to get relief!

6. The Invisible Chair

The invisible chair position will help you to relief from neck pain. You just need to place your back on the wall and imagine there is an invisible chair. You have to squat down for doing this. We do not suggest this for people who have not been active. This works well for people who workout. It gives relief from neck pain.

Hope this helped you! Try these exercises to get relief from back pain. You will see the difference yourself. A little exercise in your routine will help you a lot with back, shoulder and neck pain. These exercises are beneficial for your body. Try it at home and see for yourself!

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