10 Wonderful Home Remedies For Dark Hands And Feet

Home Remedies For Dark Hands And Feet

Dark feet and hands are one of the most common and highly observed problems. Women love the beautiful complexion with even toned skin. The hands and feet are the areas which are frequently open and exposed towards sun light, pollution and such conditions which make them dark and patchy. Compare your hands and feet skin with the rest of the body’s skin and you would get crazy with a shock! Everybody wants a gorgeous even toned body with no patches and darkness. Especially for the hands and feet, extra care and nourishment must be considered to make them look as gorgeous as the rest of the body. If you want refreshing and natural options through which you can get cool even toned feet and hands quickly, here are some amazing natural remedies which would simply work wonders on your skin. Try these remedies and you would get mesmerizing and tempting hands along with gorgeous feet!

1. Saffron Milk Massage

Saffron is used as one of the skin brightening agents since eras. This amazing ingredient is filled with ski nourishing properties which would make your skin bright and beautiful. Milk is stunning moisture enhancers and would make your skin smooth and bright. This glorious combination would get all the impurities and dead skin out of your hands and feet and would make them beautiful! Mix some milk and saffron strands and massage this toner and get cool results!

2. Sugar Coffee Coconut Oil Mask

This is one of the promising mask cum scrub which wonders and miracles on your body! Just try this cool remedy for once and you would fall in love with your skin. Sugar scrubs out all the dark skin, dirt and impurities, coffee powder brightens the skin while coconut oil would nourish your skin graciously. This cool mixture is going to get you crazy for sure!

Sugar Coffee Coconut Oil Mask

3. Honey Lemon Juice Brightening Mask

What can work more amazingly than the natural bleaching and skin brightening ingredients? Lemon juice has a proven significance over making the skin non-greasy, bright and even toned. Also honey your brighten, smoothen and make your skin flawless! Try this dreamy mixture and we assure you would love to use it regularly!

Honey Lemon Juice Brightening Mask

4. Tomatoes For Glorious Skin

This food filled with all the good acids, minerals, vitamins and all the perfect sources for skin brightening would get you a skin worth having! This perfect ingredient would make your skin glowing and even toned in no time. If you have dark and patchy skin on your hands and on feet, you must massage this ingredient over your skin and get rid of the darkness. Massage some fresh tomato skin on your skin and you would love it!

Tomatoes For Glorious Skin

5. Aloe Vera Gel For Bright And Fresh Skin

A stunning home ingredient which can make your skin bright and beautiful is simply named as aloe Vera gel. This cool herb is filled with its natural and herbal properties which can simply work miracles on your skin. This cool and redefining ingredient has skin nourishing and brightening properties which can fight all the dirt, impurities, patches and greasiness and would get you flawless skin!

Aloe Vera Gel For Bright And Fresh Skin

6. Yogurt Mask

This amazing and delicious ingredient which we love to eat is filled with anti oxidants, anti bacterial properties and anti aging properties which would add multiple benefits in your skin care routine. This glorious ingredient would simply make your skin bright, tighter and adorable. Apply fresh yogurt on your hands and feet before you go for a bath regularly and you simply won’t believe the results!

Yogurt Mask

7. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a cool cleansing ingredient which would fight all the skin impairments and would leave you with co and gorgeous bright skin. From peel off masks to scrubs, there are numerous ways of using this cool ingredient for skin brightening. Massage some baking soda and water on your hands-feet and you would get flawless skin in minutes!

Baking Soda

8. Potato Juice

Potatoes are too filled with skin brightening elements which can simply make your skin smooth, supple, bright and non-patchy. If you have tanned or dark skin on your hands and feet, you must try this awesome ingredient which can simply fight all the skin issues. Rub the potato slices on your hands and you would within a week fid amazing results!

Potato Juice

9. Turmeric Mask

Believe us, nothing can work more miraculously than this cool herbal agent. The turmeric powder fight disease and infections fight dark and patchy skin, makes the skin smooth and tighter, and gets an adorable glow on the skin and even more! Ix some honey and turmeric and apply this paste on your hands and feet daily for dazzling results!

Turmeric Mask

10. Rice Powder Milk And Honey

Rice powder is a special ingredient for skin brightening. Mix some rice powder, milk and honey and apply this mask regularly on your hands and feet while massaging. You would simply get a bright and non greasy skin in few days!

Rice Powder Milk And Honey

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.