How To Treat Glaucoma

GlaucomaThe fluid carries valuable nutrients to the eyes and keeps them in a healthy state. It circulates through the eyes and then empties through a drain in the eyes. But if the drain gets blocked the fluid is unable to empty itself; the trapped fluid keeps accumulating and results in increased pressure and glaucoma.

The main causes of this condition are severe eyestrain or working under bad light for long hours, sinus conditions, arteriosclerosis, hypoglycemia, diabetes and imbalances in the immune system. The main symptoms are constant pain in the brow area near the temples and cheeks, severe headaches, blurred vision and appearance of colored rings around distant objects.

Best Ways To Treat Glaucoma


Adequate amounts of vitamin C are crucial for eye health. Amla is a great tonic for the eyes. It not only supports the health of the eyes but it also helps to regulate the blood flow and the pressure and thus keeps the vision strong and clear. Its antioxidants scavenge all the harmful free radicals and inhibit oxidative stress.


Make your own amla powder by drying the berries in the sun and then grinding them to a fine powder. You can store the powder in an airtight glass jar. Swallow one teaspoon of amla powder with some water every morning.

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Sesame Seeds

Calcium and B-complex vitamins are vital for reducing the intraocular pressure to acceptable limits. Sesame seeds are naturally rich in both these nutrients and provide the body with more than adequate amounts of it.

Sesame Seeds

Soak one tablespoon of sesame seeds in half a cup of water overnight. In the morning grind the seeds with the water and drink the milky liquid every morning on an empty stomach.

Abstain From Coffee

You should absolutely stop drinking coffee if you are suffering from glaucoma because of its high caffeine content. Excess caffeine fuels the vasoconstrictors which in turn elevate the blood pressure.

As the blood pressure rises, the blood supply is increased and accelerated to the eyes. This can contribute to an increased pressure in the eyes. Also avoid smoking and alcohol. Do not drink large quantities of fluids like milk, water or juices. Drink small amounts at a time with a gap of one hour.


Brisk Walking

Brisk walking for forty minutes in the early hours of the morning has proved to be very beneficial for glaucoma patients. Exercise keeps the ocular nerves and muscles relaxed and in good health thus preventing the buildup of fluid and the resulting pressure.

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Reduce Stress By Meditation


Stress also contributes to glaucoma. Stress disables the proper function of the adrenal glands and they lose the ability to produce aldosterone. This results in excessive loss of salt from the body and the accumulation of fluid in the eye tissues. Meditate for half an hour twice daily.

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