How To Relieve Back Pain And Muscle Tension Naturally

Relieve Back Pain And Muscle Tension Naturally

Most of us lead a sedentary and inactive life being occupied with deskwork at office. Instead of going out for outdoor activities and games, people today stay indoors with television, mobiles and computers. This has led to a common but serious problem that is back pain. It is a problem in which there is mild to severe pain in the lower or upper part of the back. Along with this, the muscles of body become tensed. It can cause muscle spasms and tension. Although medical treatment is available for treating back pain, the best option is to treat it with natural methods. We will suggest some natural treatments for this problem. The remedies are safe and there is no side effect of using the treatments.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Relieve Back Pain And Muscle Tension Naturally:

Applying Heat And Cold

Application of heat on back and other areas of the body help in decreasing pain in these body parts. You can do this by using hot packs or hot water bag. Back pain becomes less by taking bath with hot water. The duration of applying hot pack should be fifteen minutes. Similarly, applying ice helps in treating back pain. Apply a cold pack on painful area after some hours of using a hot pack. The duration of applying cold pack should be ten minutes.

Applying Heat And Cold

Improve Your Posture

Bad posture is the leading cause of back pain. Bending on a chair with poor posture can lead to back problems. Always maintain a good posture. Learn to walk and sit with a straight back. Don’t bend forward while sitting on a chair.

Helps Maintain Good Posture

Lose Weight

If you suffer from constant back pain, try to reduce your weight. Obesity and increased body weight increases back pain and worsens it. Maintain a healthy body weight by eating a low fat and low calorie diet. Make a weight loss program after consulting a dietitian.


Do Breathing Exercise

Sometimes, back pain and tension occurs due to stress. This problem can be solved by relaxing the body through breathing exercises. Foursquare breathing helps in reducing stress and the resulting back pain. For this, you need to inhale a deep breath so that stomach expands outwards. Count to 4 when you are inhaling. Hold the breath while counting up to 4. Take out the breath and do exhaling again counting up to 4. The stomach should contract while exhaling. Do this 10 times.

Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique

Use Clay Poultice

Using poultice made with herbs and clay can help in reducing back pain. Add some anti-inflammatory herbs and water to bentonite clay. Take a piece of cloth and spread the above prepared clay on it. Place a towel on top of this. Apply this poultice on back for half an hour. Don’t let the clay become dry. Reapply the poultice after some time. Use a different herb if any herb causes skin irritation and allergy.

Use Clay Poultice

Do Massage

Massage is a natural and effective remedy for back pain. Use essential oils like chamomile and lavender oils for doing the massage. Mix these oils with jojoba oil and then use it. Do the essential oil massage after taking bath with hot water. Massage will decrease back pain while treating muscles soreness.

Massage therapy

Get Good Sleep

Lack of sleep and sleeplessness cause and worsen the problem of back pain. The body pain becomes less naturally when we get good sleep. Thus, try to sleep well. Find solutions to problems that cause disturbance in normal sleep.


Do Physical Movements

Increase your physical activities instead of sitting all day long. Stand up at frequent intervals when you are working at a desk and do some easy movements. Walk for some distance in this break and move the body. At other times, you should do exercises like walking outdoors, cycling, stair climbing and swimming. Do regular physical exercises. Learn back exercises from a physiotherapist. Do stretching exercises.

Do Physical Movements

Do Hamstring Exercises

Hamstring exercises help in treating back pain. If there is tightness and tension in hamstring muscles, it will lead to pain in the lower part of the back. For this, you can do stretching of hamstring area. Do the exercise slowly. It is beneficial to do hamstring exercises two times daily.

Do Hamstring Exercises

Do Aquatic Exercises

Aquatic exercises are quite effective in decreasing back pain. These exercises are done in water in a pool. The pool is filled with warm water for doing underwater exercises. You can do stretching exercises and floating in water. The warmth of water fights back pain while relaxing the muscles.

Aquatic Exercises

Do Yoga

Apart from exercises, you can also do yoga for getting relief from back pain. Join a yoga class in your neighborhood and learn some good yoga postures for back. It will help in decreasing back pain and making the back muscles very strong.

yoga (2)

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.